What’s stopping you from attracting money? Take the Free Quiz

What’s stopping you from attracting money? Take the Free Quiz

If you have not been successful with attracting money, you may have some limiting beliefs, self-doubt or sabotaging patterns (called blocks) that you are unaware of. These unconscious blocks prevent you from manifesting your dream life.

Take this free quiz to find out your hidden blocks.

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1.I am perfectly happy with my state of finances *
2.I don’t think I deserve so much money (even if I will never admit this) *
3.I don’t think having money is possible given my life situation *
4.Money is evil, rich people are greedy *
5.People won’t like me if I have a lot of money *
6.I feel torn, guilty or conflicted about my desire to become wealthy *
7.My parents are to blame for my lack of money *
8.Only a few people are lucky enough to get rich *
9.Money will not buy me happiness *
10.The only way I can become rich is to marry into a rich family or be born in a rich family *
11.Money will just come to me without me having to change anything in my life *
12.There isn’t enough money to go around *
13.I can never have enough money *
14.If I have no money, then I have nothing to lose *
15.I tend to overspend and cannot manage my debts *

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