Guide to Start Manifesting in 2020

Guide to Start Manifesting in 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Start Manifesting your Dream Life

If you search the word “Manifestation,” different meanings will appear in search results. According to The Law of Attraction: a manifestation is where your thoughts and your energy can create your reality. It can sometimes feel like a long time to manifest the lifestyle of your dreams. So here’s the ultimate guide to help you start manifesting quickly, correctly and effectively.

How does Manifesting work?

Manifestation has been with our society for centuries, but only a few are aware of it. The act of manifesting is like being in touch with our inner souls and energy. The first step of manifestation is to heighten our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. Successfully manifesting what you want is not an overnight process. It is not an easy task but if you badly want to succeed in life, you must be patient with manifesting your goals.

How to turn your thoughts into things is a question about manifestation. A person who practices manifestation believes that we create our own reality. It is not up to the universe to decide our future because we have the power to change our lives. However, you need to understand how manifestation comes from because even the problems we have are the outcome of manifestation. If done wrongly, it can turn our lives upside down.

Manifestation is equal to the law of attraction. We learned from our Science class that everything around us has an energy which comprises of neutrons, electrons, and protons. If something has no energy then we can tag it as a black hole but that is a rare case in our everyday lives. Even our body and soul are made of energy that vibrates within us. These vibrations have two factors which are the high and low frequencies.

High-frequency vibration is the positive side we give to the universe and people. Examples are gratitude, kindness, love, joy, passion, and forgiveness. Ever heard your friends say you’re glowing when you feel happy? The high-frequency radiates which shows on your physical appearance.

The other factor is the low frequency which is the negative side. Examples are anger, gluttony, greed, envy, sadness, fear and doubt. When you are eating negativity in your life chances are people can see and feel that you have a dark cloud hovering above you.

There is a saying that goes “you are what you eat,” in this case you are what frequency you’re in. It literally sends signals to the universe which acts as a mirror. It only reflects back to you what you are manifesting meaning if you are on high frequency then that is what you’ll also attract. On the other hand, if you are on low frequency then expect the same thing will come your way. Once you train your mind and body to only accept the high frequency, the universe will have no choice but align everything according to your vibration. That is how you start manifesting.

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5 Steps to Start Manifesting your Desires

The process of manifestation is simple yet complex. You need to focus greatly on manifesting your desires. That’s the number one step in all your manifestation exercises; you need to focus in order for it to work. A lot of people have already tried manifestation but not everyone succeeds. The reason is that they did not follow these steps to manifesting your desires.

  1. Be specific with your desires

You cannot go from one desire to another and expect a positive result in a snap. If you know what you want then good for you but if you are still vague about it then better sit down first and think hard about what you really want. For example, don’t say you want to be a popular author rather; you should want to be in the No. 1 Best Selling Author.  It’s helpful to be sure with your intentions so you won’t fall off the manifestation of your desires.

  1. Commitment is a key

When you are disheartened and feel like you’re not going anywhere, don’t give up on your wants. Manifestation is about focus and commitment. When a problem arises from your life, don’t think about it as a hindrance but perceive it as a challenge you have to win.

  1. Start your affirmations

You can start saying out loud or writing down your affirmations so the universe knows what you desire. The beauty of affirmation is activating your intention and establishing a physical realm of positive energy. The sound of your voice creates a vibration of energy that, together with a clear picture of what you desire, gives the affirmation endurance, power and strength.

  1. De-clutter your life

You need to let go of excess baggage in your lives. You can try the art of minimalism that teaches you to only keep what you need and let go of the things that are weighing you down. De-cluttering is not only for physical things but can also be about toxic relationships, junk food, negative thoughts, radiation, anger, resentment or any negative emotions.

  1. Feed the positive vibrations

We all want the high frequency and so we should lean on that vibration. The mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Train your mind to see the good in anything. The first thing you can do is to practice gratitude and count your blessings. Be grateful for your body, be grateful for your life and environment you’re in – being grateful can unlock positive frequency in yourself.

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Manifestation

These are the Do’s and Don’ts of Manifestation.


  • Show gratefulness
  • Be kind
  • Love as much as you can
  • Forgive and accept
  • Be joyful


  • Be pessimistic
  • Use negative language
  • Entertain negative thoughts to an extent that it bothers you
  • Wait for the universe to do something with you doing any work
  • Skipping a step in manifesting what you want

3 Signs that your Manifestations are Coming True

Sign #1: You feel that something is changing.

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Change is a good thing and embracing these changes around you. This means something is changing within you and it is only a matter of time that your dreams will turn to reality. Change is the only constant thing in our lives but the changes will depend on what are the actions you’ve undertaken to turn your dreams into reality.

Sign #2: You’re becoming aware of the negativity around you

Practicing manifestation doesn’t mean that you’ll not feel any negative emotions rather, the manifestation will heighten these negative emotions but that’s the challenge of it. You should acknowledge the negativity but use them to fuel your dreams. You are aware of the negative emotions then figure out how can you turn the outcome in your favor.

Sign #3: You start receiving a lot of opportunities

The beauty of manifestation is the action you put into it opens a lot of doors of opportunities. The universe will give you many options and it is up to you to decide whether you’ll reject them or not. You don’t have to accept everything that comes your way especially if it is not inclined with your dreams. However, the final and most important step to start manifesting is to say yes!

Examples of Successful Manifesting

These are some successful manifestation stories taken from comments all over the internet:

Happiness and Positivity Affirmation Success Stories:

Aygün: I swear to god this helped me. I started a week ago. My mental issues got better and today I got a promotion in my company. I’m so glad I started manifesting.

Tonya Smith: My 2nd day listening…I’m listening right now as I lay in bed. I had to pause just to let u all know that my spirit feels Soo good right now, I can feel my spirit smiling and shining through me…kinda like it’s having a party inside me lol. Thanks.

Weslyn!: Whoever is reading this… This is true. I started to play really bad my basketball games. The day before my game, I did this he night and I said: ” I am going to kill it tomorrow, I am going to play really good “. The game day comes, I’m really excited, and I played the best!! Like no joke, everyone was surprised, even my coach and audience.


Money Affirmation Success Stories:

IAmFiveee: I watched this and 20 minutes later received $90 in royalties from my music. The law of attraction works!

Will Starsiak: I am currently a senior in high school but I am graduating this year, I listened to this audio and received a $1,000 scholarship to my college. After three days of receiving the scholarship, my police cadet post received a $4,000 donation, I don’t know what it is but this video is in other terms “magical”. Out of all the times, it was after I watched the video.

Kenya Mitchell: Listened to this one day a week and a half ago and got a deal on a luxury apartment rental the next day. No lie. We moved last weekend and am overjoyed with our new place. I am listening to this again to see what other prosperous happenstances occur in my life! Everyone should start manifesting too!

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Relationship Affirmation Success Stories:

Nurjean Chaneco: I can’t remember if I first listened to this in June or July 2019. Back then, I was still single, and when I came across this video, I told myself “I have nothing to lose if I listen!”. I didn’t listen to this for 21 days straight. Maybe Twice or thrice a week…. and then I forgot about it. Then around Aug 2019… you guessed it. I entered a relationship with a wonderful man (whom I met around June 2019).

Danielle Moles: This works, I listened every night before bed and I listened to where I loved and felt it!! Now, fast forward 2 months and I meet my soul mate in a random city. He’s from France and I’m from the US. We now live together and I’ve never felt so complete and thankful. Thank you for sharing this song, it brought me and my loved ones pure joy.

Sally Tan: I listened to this as many times as I could while I was driving or before bed. After a month or so I met this wonderful person and now we’ve been together for almost 6 months. Amazing….. Thank you with much love Namaste.


Self Worth Affirmations Success Stories:

Kristen Petersen: These affirmations have become part of my morning routine. I often say them out loud while doing yoga (I know it says don’t do anything else, but this works for me), I feel so much better about life! I catch myself saying these phrases to my friends when they need help. I have noticed my life-changing for the better, and my relationships grow stronger. I’m on my way to the best version of myself. Thank you so much for this life-changing video!

Elisa Urquiza: Thank you for making this! After all the negative programming I have received since childhood, it almost seems selfish to spend a whole 24 minutes on myself, but I know I am worth it!!

nails N things: Thank you so much for the videos, this was by far the most helpful self-esteem affirmation I’ve listened to. I am struggling with my self worth & had been putting off on following my dreams for others. this is just what I need to free me of my negativity that I deal with daily. once again, with the deepest sincerity, thank you!

Start Manifesting Now

Manifestation really works if you believe in yourself. Besides focusing, committing and other steps that were mentioned, the very important thing is that you believe you can do it. You can create a life you want and deserve. Through manifestation, you will realize you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. Never settle for less because the universe will help you become successful in your endeavor if you are willing to work hard. Remember, what you give to the universe will come back to you, so Start Manifesting now!

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