Thank you for the exercises - Fiona

I have struggled with self-worth issues due to my difficult childhood. Having lived in an environment where I felt that nobody cared about me really affected the way I saw myself. The exercises are giving me a new way to look at myself and it's making me feel proud of and confident of myself and my abilities.

Worth the Price - Sam

I bought the 'guide to trust' as that was one of the results that appeared when I took the free quiz. I really liked the way the guide made it so simple and easily understandable. I feel that the contents were worth the price. The affirmations that were provided were helped me to surrender and let go. Now I feel less anxious and confused when working with the Law of Attraction.

A New Way of Life - Christine

The guide includes some audio meditations that I listen on a regular basis. It helps me feel clear minded and less stressed out.

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