50 Positive Manifestation Quotes to Start your Day!

50 Positive Manifestation Quotes to Start your Day!

Start your day on a positive note with these 50 Positive manifestation quotes! Book mark them so you can visit them daily and keep your positive outlook consistent. As you read these Positive Manifestation Quotes,  absorb the statements and feel the truth of each of them in your heart.

  1. I am in charge of my life.
  2. I have what it takes.
  3. I believe in myself.
  4. When I focus on the good, the good gets better.
  5. I am stronger than my excuses
  6. I am fearless
  7. I attract wealth
  8. I embrace change.
  9. I deserve happiness.
  10. I am enough
  11. I am worthy of my dreams
  12. Today is full of possibilities
  13. I make myself a priority
  14. I attract positivity.
  15. I am worthy of all the blessings that come my way
  16. I release all doubts and insecurities about myself
  17. I am resilient
  18. It’s ok for me to make mistakes but it’s not ok to quit
  19. I am capable of great things
  20. I am obsessed with my potential
  21. I am a magnet of miracles
  22. I am confident
  23. I am at peace with my past
  24. I choose to be happy right now
  25. I am in control of my thoughts
  26. I am letting go of all that no longer serves me
  27. I am willing to grow and step out of my comfort zone
  28. I celebrate every win
  29. I am unaffected by the judgment from others
  30. I am supported by the universe
  31. I am amazing
  32. I am aligned with my inner power
  33. I can do anything
  34. I choose to be positive
  35. I am loved
  36. I believe in the person I’m becoming
  37. I am ready to manifest abundance
  38. I visualize my dreams into existence
  39. I attract positive and supportive people into my life
  40. I am here to learn
  41. I am powerful
  42. I am trusting the journey
  43. I am free of worry and regret
  44. I am magnificent
  45. I am creating the life of my dreams
  46. I am choosing my life moment by moment
  47. I am connected to everything there is
  48. I am grateful
  49. I am a part of the greater universe
  50. I am safe
  51. I am honoring myself and others
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