7 Low Self Esteem Examples – Some May Surprise You

7 Low Self Esteem Examples – Some May Surprise You

We have all experienced low self-worth at some point in our lives. Some of us are not even aware that what we are experiencing is a symptom of this psychological turmoil. With this in mind, we want you to check yourself and look for these surprising Low Self Esteem Examples.

Imagine this: You look in the mirror and saw your confidence grew a little because you like what you’re seeing but suddenly, mocking voices filled your head saying how you look awful in those clothes, how you look fat and how stupid you look for even trying to look pretty or handsome. So what do you do? The initial response is to change your clothes to what you think other people wouldn’t make fun of even though you don’t like it. This is one of the most common scenarios people with low self-worth experience every day.

  1. You’re a people-pleaser

Wanting to please other people is human nature. When we were kids, we want to please our parent that’s why we aim for good grades. Yes, it is part of our nature but should be made minimally however easier said than done.  Disregarding your needs can stop you from reaching your own goals and dreams in life. Constantly wanting to please others can cage your potentials.

What to do: Write your goals and dreams in a journal and focus on achieving those. You should put yourself first so you can realize you have your own choices.

  1. You don’t mind being treated poorly

A lot of us went through tough times where we allow others to treat us like a rag. Some of us experience verbal abuse from our friends, some family members’ treat us like slaves while some toxic relationships are built because we allow physical abuse to exist. Being treated poorly is as simple as your friends commenting rudely on a project they know you gave your heart and soul for. They don’t care about how you’ll feel because these “friends” think you’ll not mind the insults.

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What to do: It’s time to turn over a new leaf. Muster the courage to stop the abuse and break up with the fake people around you who always treat you poorly.  Giving excuses like they are your friends, relatives or family won’t help you overcome this situation.

  1. You feel like you don’t deserve positivity in your life

One of the root causes of low self-worth is that you look at yourself too low. Thinking that you don’t deserve better can hinder positivity to flow in your life. This sign won’t allow you to take control of your life. Although some things don’t work out as you have planned it, thinking negatively will double your burden.

What to do: Stand up for yourself. Think about why you deserve better and build your self-love. You can listen to positive affirmations to boost your self-worth. No one can lift you up to other than you.

  1. You neglect your own needs

It is not bad to put others before yourself but don’t do it to an extent where you completely forget to take care of yourself. Neglecting your own needs is not only about physical but also mental and psychological. You may have experienced friends asking for your help for a project and at the same time you need to do your own project but you choose to help your friend instead because you don’t want your friend to get upset with you.

What to do: Let’s make things clear, if he is your true friend he won’t get upset if you put your own needs above their own. We have our different priorities and tasks to be accomplished so when there are urgent matters that lapses with others, you need to put your own needs first. The only person who can help you is yourself when things get out of hand. Always remember the difference between needs and wants so you can assess the situation if it requires immediate care or not.

  1. You are a workaholic
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Life is about balance. Work is important but other things are more important like spending quality time with your family, hanging out with friends and doing passion projects to satisfy yourself. Being workaholic seems to be lauded nowadays because the corporate world sees this as a sign of being productive. This notion is actually twisted as the behavior sacrifices health, relationship and time. Working overtime even on weekends doesn’t equal to being productive; Most of the time it looks like you’re slacking during the official working hours of 9-5 because you need to work extra hours.

What to do: Clock out on the dot and see a positive difference that will bring in your life. This will give you more time to spend on what matters most like family, friends and yourself. Remember that you are easily replaceable by your company but permanent in the hearts of your loved ones.

  1. You are too hard on yourself

Here’s another Low Self Esteem example. When you did something wrong like accidentally spilling water or failing in an exam what do you do? We have seen on the news how students punish themselves when they receive a bad mark such as not eating, overworking or worse, suicide. In this day and age, it is prevalent to most that if they did something wrong they need to discipline themselves to extreme punishment. It is disturbing how one can easily take their own life because of problems that have underlying solutions besides self-destruction.

What to do: Look in the mirror and look at yourself. Tell yourself that the person looking at you needs you in a way a child needs protection and love. Listen to positive affirmations about self-love and if you have a severe problem, go ask for help. Don’t punish yourself too much because nobody is perfect.

  1. You are an over-thinker
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Have you watched characters from movies with over-thinker leads? What happened to them after? Well, we’ll tell you what happened – broken relationships, confusion, negative thoughts, insecurities, doubt, and more confusion. This happens when you don’t know your self-worth. You question everything, even the past of others. You feel insecure thinking about whether have your boyfriend and his ex did the things you’re doing with each other? Why did he give me flowers on our first anniversary when he gave a cake to his ex before? A lot of questions run into your mind and scenes that haven’t happened (or will never happen) play in your head. That’s pure low self-worth right there.

What to do: Know that you are different from other people. If you compare yourself with others, you are insulting yourself. Do everything to stop you from overthinking. Write down the good things about you and all the positivity that happened to you. Let go of situations that you can’t change. Lastly, always be kind to yourself.

Were you surprised by these Low Self Esteem Examples? Check yourself and see if some of these apply to you. Some of us go through our entire life without noticing them. What other Low Self Esteem Examples can you think of? If you know other signs of low self-worth feel free to share it with us and we’ll be glad to connect with you.

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