20 Law of Attraction Success Stories on Money

20 Law of Attraction Success Stories on Money

Want to get inspired by real stories of manifestations? How about 20 Law of Attraction Success Stories, Money by 20 Real People? Get ideas and read on to find out how they manifested money, cars and wealth into their lives:

  1. I Did It, I Believed And Made it Happen!
     I saw myself as the manager with a huge paycheck. My ambition was to eradicate the negativity circulating throughout the job and change the culture. I didn’t know how it would happen but I knew in my heart I could do it. I believed in myself and believed I was worth what I wanted for a paycheck. I wrote myself a check for $170,000 in July and kept it in my purse.And then it happened! I was asked to step into the role and the job was mine if I wanted it. They had sacked the other manager. Of course, I accepted, along with the salary I had asked for. Not even the manager at the time had earned that kind of money. I had actually forgotten about the check I had written until I saw it the other day in my purse.
  2. I Manifested My Car For Free! AMAZING
    I have never owned a car as I live in metropolitan Melbourne, but in the last 5 months, I have really needed one! So, I had been borrowing my parent’s vehicles and giving massive thanks for being able to borrow them whenever I needed them and at no cost. I would literally sit in the traffic and feel grateful for the car I drove.I decided to just put out to the Universe that I would like a car, something new and something I knew I couldn’t afford. I printed photos of cars I wanted, a Renault, a Mercedes A-Class, Range Rover Velar and added them to my vision board. Meanwhile, every day I was giving thanks for the amazing cars my parents were letting me borrow.Two months later, I was having dinner with my brother who didn’t know I was wanting to purchase a vehicle. He was moving with his girlfriend, and randomly asked me if I wanted to have his Alfa Romeo Giulietta! At no cost!!!! He didn’t have time to sell it before he moved. So I got it!
  3. Manifesting My Six Figure Salary
    I was not finding a job for a long time, but I was getting a lot of interviews. I wrote myself an offer letter from this company that I had done 5 interviews with. I wrote it up with an offer to me for $120k a year. So I did not get that job, but a few weeks later, a company that I had 2 interviews with, offered me a better job and it was exactly for $120k a year!! I was shocked, as I have never made this kind of money before.
  4. Paying Off a £10000 Debt
    About 5 years ago I was having financial trouble with my building business, I ended up folding the business and had to convert my bank overdraft into a loan, as I didn’t have the funds to pay it all off.5 years later I’m back on my feet and now have a business with my two sons in the construction industry. I still owed £10000 on the loan and it was holding me back from expanding as I still had monthly payments to make.One day, I sat quietly and I asked the universe “How can I get rid of this loan, how can I pay it off, where can I get £10000 to pay this debt?”.

    Well, first I saw an ad on Facebook about banks paying back interest on loans going back 7 years, so I sent the company a message and they sent me a form to fill in which I did and sent back and forgot all about it. 8 weeks later I received a check for £2500 which totally came out of the blue! I was obviously very pleased with it as it came just at the right time.

    Then a month later, the bank I had the loan with, sent me a letter saying they had overcharged me interest on the loan I wanted to get rid of and they were knocking £6500 off the loan!!

    Well to say I was stunned is an understatement! And then to top it all, my accountant has advised me that I can now pay the remainder of the loan off, £1000, with my new business, since I had transferred a vehicle to the new business at cost!

    So there you have it! I asked how, I didn’t know how, but it came to me in 3 separate ways, all within 7 months! This is real, it works just as it says it does in The Secret!

    Thank you so much for The Secret.  Law of Attraction Success Stories Money

  5. Money in the Bank in One Month
    I was in serious financial trouble and was so depressed. I would lay awake at night worrying about which bill to pay and when I might be able to pay it. Will they shut my gas off? Will they shut my electricity off? This was an every night occasion. I already knew about The Secret and was learning how to manifest small things, but my mind was always getting in the way by not believing I could get what I wanted. So on this night, I prayed to the Lord, to my late mother, and to the Universe. I asked for $10,000. I stated that was all I needed and to please deliver this to me very quickly.The very next morning, I got into work and opened up my Facebook page to see that I had a message from the father of my oldest child who owed me $56,000 in child support. He had managed to elude authorities and of course, he had been eluding me. So here was this message that asked me to call him, so I did. He started off by saying he knew he owed me a lot of money but would I take a settlement of $20,000?! I was elated, to say the least, and I said yes. I got that check directly deposited into my account within one month!
  6. $10,000 Came Back to Me
    I ran a business and a big client held back payments for many months as they were being acquired by another company. As each month passed, my anxiety increased and gave me a sick feeling as it was getting close to the $10,000 mark. When I felt my worst, I went to listen to affirmations that clear away negativity and felt my anxiety go away.
    After the audio ended, I felt amazingly calm as if I knew deep inside that the money would be paid back to me and everything would be okay.
    The next day, the client called and informed me of a payment loophole that he found that could help clear my payments straightaway! Within a week, I received all the funds that I was owed.
  7. A Gift!
    I had this old phone that started to quit on me. So I decided I needed a new one. The trouble was, I had no money. I saved up all my cash but I still came out a little bit short. Someone had even stolen my card number and had used my own cash to buy things. So not only did I not have enough for my phone but now I had even less. I had no idea what I should do until I remembered The Secret. So I declared what I wanted. Visualized it. And believed.Two days later money just fell into my lap. Enough to help me cover my phone. I am now the proud owner of a brand new phone! Thank you God!
  8. It All Made Sense
    I’ve always had dreams of becoming an established and successful musician.I kept working day in and day out, but nothing was surfacing.Then a friend of mine introduced me to The Secret film. I was absolutely amazed. You mean to tell me all I had to do was believe that everything I dreamed of was already mine and it would show up? No way! So I bought the book. It was so clear to me now. Believe it, achieve it. Think positive. Be giving. Practice gratitude.

    I needed money. Yeah, I want to become a famous artist and blah, blah, blah, but realistically I needed to be able to take care of myself. So I started searching for the “perfect job”, whatever that was. I only had one prior and didn’t stay long. I needed it to be flexible, at home work, full time hours, great pay and not get in the way of my career. I would wake up every day saying to myself , “Today is the day.” One day I came across an ad about the exact job I was looking for. I had zero experience in this field but I knew it was mine. Fast forward, I get an email about an interview the next day. Oh my! Hired on the spot! I’ve since been promoted more than once!

    Here I am making more money than I’ve ever seen and I am genuinely happy. Now what about my music? I need something to happen. I don’t know what, but something big is coming. I get contacted by a casting assistant. I think it’s a scam, but want to see anyway. I go to this audition that just so happens to be at a well-known casting studio. This part is mine! And it was. My first major audition ever and I nailed it. A lead role at that! Can you imagine?! With work and this part I made enough money to buy my first car. Which just so happened to be one of my dream cars I was looking at years ago!!! I think to myself, this is crazy. This book has opened so many doors for me and I’m so grateful. I’ve performed more and gained new fans and opportunities. I even got contacted by a huge magazine doing music features and they asked if I would be interested in an interview with them. What?!?!

  9. My First Big Manifestation!
    In only less than 5 months after coming to know about the law of attraction, my life changed completely. I got a really nice job in one of the leading companies in India. I’m earning ₹1,00,000 per month. The feeling of earning that much money and that too on your first job ever, is something out of this world. I live in 5 star hotels and I have lots of great friends. In short life is good!! I’m writing this story while sitting in my hotel room thinking life can be exactly how you pictured it to be. All you have to do is believe that you have everything that you want in your life, right at this very moment. Also try being grateful to and for everything, even the silliest thing. It really is just that simple.
  10. Having Positive Thoughts Towards Money
    I worked a long shift at the restaurant that I work at and made a few hundred dollars. I was extremely tired as I had worked 6 days that week but I was grateful for the money I had made. I was feeling happy about it and having positive thoughts towards money.I knew how happy I felt towards money so I decided to stop for a scratch ticket and I envisioned sending my boyfriend a text of it being a $500 win. And now, at this exact moment, it happened!! I envisioned it without hoping but knowing it would happen and it did!
  11. Winning a Jackpot
    I have been familiar with The Secret for less than one year, but I can’t really express how much it has helped me and my family! Namely, the understanding of The Secret’s principles helped us to win the lottery! Less than a week before our winning, I decided that winning the lottery was what I wanted. It would help us to create a lot of good things for us and other people in the world! I felt happy that I got my money before I got it! I filled myself with a stronger love for everything and everyone around me. I began to thank the Universe for the every little thing and very each day.Now that we got the money we are of course, absolutely happy. We were also very happy before our winning, but this occasion just made those feelings even stronger. Now I am making new plans. I started to work on my body to make it perfect for modeling, because to work as a model has always been my dream! And this dream will come true, I know that!
  12. I won the lottery and bought my dream house
    I watched the movie The Secret in 2010 and I started to try to implement it into my life. At t5hat time I was married to a negative person who shot down all my optimism about it. It was not even until this year that I finally did it! I used all the steps properly and I was finally able to secure my dream house, which had been on my list for over a year. Using the law of attraction kept it from being sold but it was not until this year that it finally became mine because I used all the steps and the Universe finally gave it to me. I focused on the house and then I got amazed with a lottery win. I won $5 million dollars! I bought the house and all the furniture that I had on my vision board. I fixed my old truck and also bought a new truck and a new car. I went on a shopping spree for my children. I am planning my wedding and also for the birth of my baby girl.Out of all the steps, “letting go” was the part that took the longest to master but when I did, I finally won and the sky was the limit! I finally have the security I wanted. I was homeless when I finally got The Secret right. I am engaged to a wonderful man who loved me even when I had nothing. It really changed my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  13. Retired At 51!
    I have been a part time low income earner all my life, mainly by choice as I enjoyed 4 days off per week. As a happily, single woman, I knew that the only thing I would ever own was my small house and car. So I lived week to week with just enough money to scrape by. I always bought bargains and second hand items and clothing and never lived on credit. I often wished I would win a million dollars so I could put it in the bank and live off the interest and never have to work in the job that I now hated. I had even filled out The Secret Cheque from the Universe some months before and writing it out for 1.4 million dollars.While we knew that my father had a bit of money behind him and lots of kids but no one ever knew how much because he was extremely secretive. It was never even a concept that I could rely on much of an inheritance. And as for retiring and leaving a toxic job, that was just a pipe dream!

    I had watched The Secret movie years before and read The Power and The Magic but nothing much had changed in my life.
    So two years ago on my day off, as I sat in a new local cafe and read the newspaper, I said to myself, “This would be wonderful to be able to sit here whenever I liked, to be free of work and just enjoy relaxing or using a laptop and watching the world go by.”.
    I remember imagining as I sat there that it would feel so good to never have to go to work, get up early, struggle through the heavy traffic and pay car parking in the city while facing an unreasonable boss. I found myself thinking about this regularly whenever I sat in the cafe.

    My father passed away some months later and I was left with a messy Estate to work my way through financially, along with a hoarders house. It took over a year to clean and get rid of all those items!

    But now as I write this and the Estate is finalised, it seems unimaginable to me that I have close to a million dollars in the bank and if I add the value of my house, it equates to around 1.4 million!

    I resigned December after taking a year off work and I now do whatever I want, whenever I want and because I already own everything that I need, I certainly can live off the interest for years to come. If anyone had told me 2 years ago that my wishes would come true, I don’t think that I would have believed them. It certainly feels like I’ve won the lottery!

  14. The Secret Works, I Am A Multi-Millionaire!!
    I heard about The Secret about a month ago after watching a few of Oprah’s videos on YouTube. After watching The Secret my life dramatically shifted. A little over a month ago I was having trouble at work and reached the decision to quit. I decided I genuinely needed to change my life for the better. While watching The Secret, the top thing that caught my attention was the teaching that size does not matter to the Universe. As long as I properly aligned myself with the Universe I could have anything. So I decided to play the lottery. I would daydream the winnings were already mine and I planned on how I was going to spend my winnings. I started to deeply meditate to get myself in a very good emotional state and I would pray in the presence.I am glad to say I am now a multi-millionaire currently working with my lawyer on the best way to handle my winnings.

    I use to apply The Secret in my life without even knowing it. Now that I know that there is an immense power in me I’m going to continue to apply it for the highest and greatest good!

    Thank you guys so much! You have helped me in my spiritual journey.

  15. The Magic Check
    My big goal that recently manifested was the one of money using The Magic Check. I was expecting a check but I was not sure how much to expect. So trusting the LOA, I wrote on my check that I wanted to receive R7500, or $500 US, on a specific date. I carried the check in my purse and each time I looked at it I would express and feel gratitude. Instead of getting R7500 I received R8000 or $600 US  just a few days after my intended date! Wow!My next goal is to send love and stand in unwavering faith to receive my soul mate back. Another of my next goals to manifest is a new car before the end of year. I am unstoppable!

    Sending love and gratitude to all who are trying to live their best life and Magic Dust to all the believers! Stand in faith!

  16. Won The Lottery At 23!
    First of all I am so grateful for The Secret! I am so grateful for every day of my life and I love every single second! I don’t want to write a long story about how I came to learn about The Secret and how I started believing because I am so blown away from what happened to me in the last days! 
    A few days ago I woke up very early and I thought it would be a good idea to write down everything I love about myself. After that I felt so positive that it felt like I was bursting in positive thoughts! It was a wonderful day so I decided to visit the city. Eventually I came across a sign saying; Lottery! So I walked in. I said to myself in total belief that I will win this lottery! So I played random numbers for 1 game because I was sure I wouldn’t need a second try.At home I felt so grateful for everything in my life and I started to write letters. I wrote letters to my best friends telling them that I just won the lottery and that I want to share my money from the lottery and what I will buy them as a present! I put them into envelopes with all the money I had in my purse because I was sure I wouldn’t need that money anymore. I wrote down on a piece of paper “I just won 3,000,000€ in the lottery! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”, at least a hundred times! I put a piece of paper saying “I am the lottery winner” on my desk so I would see it every few minutes. I imagined myself calling the hotline for winners with tears of joy in my eyes. And then I let go. I just felt good and as positive as I could.

    And you know what? I won 3,000,000€ in the lottery the following day!!! I am so blown away by how fast and perfectly the law of attraction worked for me and all I can think now is to say thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

  17. I am a Money Magnet
    I have this mantra that I use all the time. It goes like this, “I am a money magnet and I attract money effortlessly.” This mantra has helped me many times whenever I am in need of money. Money does not come immediately of course and this is the part when you need to have faith and be patient. Usually, I leave everything to the Universe to handle when I will be receiving the money because I know the Universe knows best.
  18. The Secret Works for Both Bad and Good
    I had been using The Secret not really knowing it’s name. As a child I would envision situations and before long, like dejavu, I would be living them. As days went on and life got crowded with things, I used “The Secret” less and less.While in college I got hold of a copy of The Secret and read it. I recognized it, as I had used it earlier but that was it. After college I read The Secret again and I decided to try it. And that was how I met my husband, got our babies and our home. I also used it to lose weight, rebuild relationships with family and friends and be a stay at home mum. Many times I have used it to attract money. And all that this just from using The Secret “part time”.

    I had also used The Secret get into bad company and practice bad habits in my mojo moments and it nearly cost my life!! I am older now and much wiser. I use The Secret more consciously now to attract good people, healthy environments and positive empowering moments. All I can say is that I am now living my dream. I am living life and can not wait to start each day!

    I thank God every moment for a loving family, a job I love and opportunities coming my way that I feel confident and capable of handling profitably. I also use The Secret to attract wisdom from the bible, books, etc. I am currently using The Secret to travel more, build deeper relationships, build our dream home and make all our businesses more profitable. I also love being a lecturer and using The Secret to move my job to my dream company.

    I write this to encourage others and to remind them to attract things that build them up. Parties, alcohol, drugs and violence are no good. You can dream of good health instead and being a positive influence in these areas.

  19. I do not work and yet money is given to me
    I didn’t care for my realtor and was happy my contract was over. That same week a new realtor called me. That same day I rented my house for $10,000 for a whole month. $2000 was given to me through gifts from relatives by cash or gift cards from Christmas. I keep visioning money and every day it comes!!Last night I got a $100 check from a past job I had 5 years ago! Crazy how it comes from all places! I also just inherited over $150,000 worth of land for which I get paid in June. I love my life so much!

    I thank the universe every day for all the money that is in my bank account.

  20. Debt Free For The First Time In 20 Years!
    My current loan wasn’t due to finish until this time next year. I had been practicing gratitude and positive thinking and focusing on what I have, rather than what I do not have.In practicing The Magic, I have been forwarding all unpaid receipts to myself with “Thank You For The Money” as the subject line. I have stopped any negative thoughts like “We can’t afford this” in their tracks, and imagining myself in a waterfall of cash.

    This month my loan payment didn’t come out of the bank on time. My husband pointed out that last month, the figure was lower than usual. I trawled through some old letters from when I made a claim for “mis-sold PPI” a few years ago. I had never spotted it at the time, but the letter said “A payment of XXX has been made to your current loan towards the interest”.

    When I phoned the bank to find out why the payment hadn’t been made, they confirmed that I had paid it all off!

    My loan has finished one year early!

    This will make a huge difference to our monthly wages.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  21. The Millionaire Secret
    A year and a half ago my family and I sold a property to have some money, but that was snatched a away from us by a scam.We got depressed because we had lots of bank debts and no money to pay them.

    It was a great day when I found the documentary of The Secret.

    We thought it could help us overcome our lack of money so we decided to buy the book and this has been the best decision we have made in our lives.

    We applied The Secret to every situation of our lives and I am thankful and now glad to say that I own 5,000,000 USD.

Motivated by these 20 Law of Attraction Success Stories Money? You can create your own manifestation story too!

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