10 Law of Attraction Money Blocks and How to Clear Them

10 Law of Attraction Money Blocks and How to Clear Them

When it comes to the law of attraction, many people want to use it to manifest money. Sadly, they find it difficult to manifest money due to unconscious limiting beliefs or negative thoughts about money. Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way. Just by believing them, we impoverish our lives. If you wish to overcome limiting beliefs, first you must recognize them and then act to change what you believe.

Here are some examples of Subconscious Money Blocks that are Keeping You From Getting Rich and affirmation statements to overcome them:

Money BlockOvercoming Statement
I don’t deserve the money I deserve to live a rich, fulfilling, wealthy life
I have to work super hard for the moneyThere are many ways that money can flow easily to me without me having to work hard for it
I will need to sacrifice other things for it – time with family or friends, hobbies There are many rags to riches people out there who live a balanced life. They are able to enjoy their wealth while also having time off
Money is the root of evil I am a good person, no matter how much or little money I have. Money can be used to do good things and make a positive change in people’s lives. For example, Bill Gates is a rich philanthropist and uses the money to help many people.
Money turns people badI can use the money to impact and improve the lives of the people around me. When I have more money, I will be able to help more people.
Money makes people greedyThere are many rich and wealthy people who pledge large amounts of their money to charitable causes (Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet). They do not become greedy for more.
I am not sure of how much money I want or need I can easily manage my money and understand how much I need by looking at my daily expenses and my future needs.
Money can’t buy me happiness.Manifesting money shows that I am capable of manifesting. If I can manifest money, I can manifest anything that can make me happy.
I will lose all the money if I gain it. I am not responsible enough to handle money.I can easily learn how to manage and grow the money with the help of some financial or investment tips.
I don’t care about money. I just want to help people.I cannot help people if I am constantly worrying about money. Money gives me freedom and peace of mind to help others.

Which Law of attraction Money Block did you have? For each of your limiting belief, write down a reason to contradict it, and repeat those positive statements every day.

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It’s time to make friends with money. To get better results with Manifesting Money, find out how to start a Money Gratitude Journal.

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