50 Law of Attraction Stories – On Self Worth

50 Law of Attraction Stories – On Self Worth

These law of attraction stories were gathered from all over the internet, all describing their incredible experience with the life-changing effect of affirmations. If you were wondering “The Secret” works, read on for 50 real manifestation stories.

  1. Kristen Petersen: These affirmations have become part of my morning routine. I often say them out loud while doing yoga (I know it says don’t do anything else, but this works for me), I feel so much better about life! I catch myself saying these phrases to my friends when they need help. I have noticed my life changing for the better, and my relationships growing stronger. I’m on my way to the best version of myself. Thank you so much for this life changing video!
  2. Elisa Urquiza: Thank you for making this! After all the negative programming I have received since childhood, it almost seems selfish to spend a whole 24 minutes on myself, but I know I am worth it!!
  3. nowhoney: Magnificent! As a survivor with PTSD, I must constantly use wonderful tools Such as your healing affirmations to survive. Too many in my life committed Suicide. For those such as me, we must be vigilant, to love ourselves, to give Ourselves what we need.
  4. Tammy C:There’s no words to explain how my spirit just aligned inside. This made me shed a few tears and I’m so grateful and thankful for you posting this. Thank you so much.
  5. nails N things: Thank you so much for the videos, this was by far the most helpful self esteem affirmation I’ve listened to. I am struggling with my self worth & had been putting off on following my dreams for others. this is just what I need to free me of my negativity that I deal with daily. once again, with deepest sincerity, thank you!
  6. jimmy garis: First time I heard this affirmation I was confused and angry with my self , I dint cry but I was really down for letting my self fail so low in a wrong relationship, I listen to them Every day now at list two times and I always have this cheerful smile on my face of happiness and positive out look for life.
  7. Say Kiki Dous: As I learn more about myself I manage my thoughts and actions more consciously.
  8. C. Coffee: Absolutely amazing!! I love this! I woke up feeling really tired and disappointed. Kind of drained. I feel mental clarity and I don’t feel fuzzy anymore! My favorite is “there is beauty in my imperfections”. That made me cry, I’m a perfectionist and I kind of programmed myself to bury and avoid my own imperfections. I’m going to start listening to this regularly! Thank you so much!
  9. Nada love: Dear sister of love and light, I wish I could describe how much this has helped and what block you have released. You cannot imagine what was so stubbornly stuck on my energy feild. This gentle healing video has effortlessly released it and now I can go and reward all of the people who cane and helped me with my career. Thus is wonderful. Thankyou.
  10. Dagmar Asghari: As always I’m so grateful for all your meditation videos. You help me through a painful period of my life after leaving a violent and narcissistic husband. Your videos help me to heal from my trauma and to calm down my inner chaos. No pills could help me to find some rest and sleep, but your voice does. These affirmations help me to believe in myself again and as you say “to be uniquely me”.
  11. eric tsagli: I have seen my self esteem increased even stop smoking am good and amazing.
  12. Tevin CoppeRepping: I accept & appreciate myself. I cannot control other options and thoughts. Only how I react to it. Thank you kindly mrs. For aiding us to a winning mindset thru positive affirmations.
  13. kathlene~: Thank you for your generosity of self, to help me (and us all) heal, and grown. Your videos are life changing and a Amazing gift. I am so grateful.
  14. Mary H: I have slept to this for the past 2 months. There has been a definite positive change in me. Iv’e always been a nervous wreck when it comes to interviews. I applied for 2 jobs, good jobs, successful at both interviews and accepted one post. I have also noticed I speak up for myself assertively. I value myself much more than ever before; at work I state what I want or think, ensuring I am no longer ‘put on’. Good luck to everyone on their own journey. Love and value yourself, listen to this recording and you will see changes. Thank you Jess!
  15. OnTheRiseWith CandyceEvette: These are definitely helping me. Someone who once was serious about committing suicide. These remind me of the power i have.
  16. Serket: This one is my favorite affirmation video. Even my 4y/o likes this one. I’m all bout self love and affirmations and this video resonates with me completely. My daughter tells me at night “mommi, put the butterfly video on”. Shes going to grow up with a healthy sense of who she is. Thank you for this video.
  17. milsa: When my depression hits you’re the first person I run to. I’d be scared of how bad it would be without you. The effort and value you bring to my life is invaluable. I appreciate you and your team with all my heart. Thank you. PS. I listen to these videos every night. I love it when you upload long videos. They are just what I need.
  18. Grand Lake Paranormal Society: I’m so grateful for this video. We are all naturally spiritual beings. I know I lost myself by negative programming. But by healing my inner child and forgiving others and forgiving myself and letting go of my past I’ve embraced the newness. I’m grateful to be alive, to have my son. To love myself and love others. I give and expect nothing in return. I know all my desires will manifest in my 3D reality. Unconditional love to everyone. Namaste.
  19. prizepossession 2am: Never knew what my issue truly was. Now I know I never knew my damn self. She is beautiful.
  20. Dr. DancingLion’s Healing Room: This is a stellar soundtrack for my mission to save the rest of my life. Many thanks.
  21. Aquiel Womble: I knew I had some self-love issues, and this really helped me figure out which things I had trouble with. Some of the affirmations were hard for me to say or made me cry.
  22. Julie Owen: I am truly amazed. I listened to this while I slept last night and woke up feeling amazing…thank you so much, you have no idea how much you are helping me.
  23. Minaj Brazy: This is beautiful, just started listening to strengthen the love i have for myself, to feel more confident in myself, to not be needy on needing someone’s else’s love in order to feel loved… i feel so positive i even fell asleep to it and had a small dream on helping my old coworker and telling her to not give up.. wow..
  24. Jessica Smith: I have been listening every night as I sleep with ear buds in. I have tried several things but I thought this one was most likely what I needed to really get into my subconscious. And I really genuinely see a difference in me .. like, I just feel ..okay again. I feel ready to evolve. Ready to raise the bar of my life. Jess, I love you with all my heart. Thank you sweetheart.
  25. Lizz Coppin: This is the first time that I have woken up and felt truly loved and empowered Thank you so much for your work, I hope that this will touch the people that need to find themselves. ❤️
  26. GodMentality: Felt superb and so positive of everything when I woke up from this. Awesome video. Thank you. I hope success, love and joy in the form you want it reaches you all.
  27. MAISEE: life has been very hard for me lately. sometimes i want to give up and throw in the towel, but within the first 5 minutes i cried because i know im worthy. i know i can achieve great things. thank you.
  28. DSNCB919: This made me feel so much better in just ONE DAY.. I will continue to listen to this as I sleep… I was deeply in panic / depression been fighting it for a while but getting so much stronger than I ever was.
  29. Serket: 3 months in and my lil one and i are still putting this on every night. once she falls to sleep i change it to what ever video you have that i feel resonates with my spirit at the time. This video has definitely changed my relationship with people. my self love practice has been revamped, my self worth, confidence and boundaries are growing. Affirmations at night works people.
  30. Charles Wheeler: Time has taught me, hope and depression are mutually exclusive. Love for yourself is the fruit of what we believe about ourselves. If one feels discouraged, disgusted, disinterested about their life….. love is in deficiency.
  31. Modestas Nekrosius: I listened to it for 1 day. Next day i had a very big job interview and i feel like i aced it. I have 99 problems now, but the belief in my self is crazy right now. I am in a go go motion. I am so energetic, waiting for next morning to wake up and go out there jmin that world i take all the best from it.
  32. Edith Gursel: It works, as woman, especially as a African American woman , we encounter so much negatively, from business, to personal relationships , these affirmations, empowers, gives, self-confidence , and self-esteem , Opens our eyes to Beauty and Goddess in and Out of us. and SELF LOVE.
  33. Caliber: this made me cry.. all my life I wanted someone other than me to say these beautiful sentences to me…but now I realize ….beauty is within…
  34. LuLu: Started off doing this affirmations faking it to make it …Now Im making it without faking it 🙂 Baby Steps 🙂 Changing my life for the better today…Thank You!
  35. Rylee 323: I’m a recovering addict and your affirmations are the perfect tool for me to use, along with my 12-Step Program. They are helping me learn that I AM worthy of a better life 💖
  36. Chaunte Latimore: I listen to this everyday and I feel extremely powerful everyday. This really works.
  37. Lilith: 3 wks every day. This one is amazing! Its true. I atrack possitive people. Every time i listen, i can see the changing around me. thank you Jason. you have a great voice. you almost sound like Jud Law 😊
  38. yesiownfrodo: Listening to this has become part of my before bed routine. It’s also become part of my pain management self made program. I find I’m now catching myself saying negative things and make myself replace them with positive statements. That can do nothing but help me! I love these.
  39. Katherine: I listen to this every morning as soon as I wake up. Unfortunately I always wake up with self hate but this video is working for me! It completely changes my attitude. After I’ve finished repeating the Affirmations, I’m ready to start my day, I’m ready to achieve my goals for the day and I’m ready to better myself. Love love love this video!
  40. toni Vanilli: Thank you so much for this video. I have spent my 46 years living a life of self-doubt and self-hate, and I did not even realize it until recently. Thank you for opening my mind that I worthy…
  41. nowhoney: This am was yelled at, was crying. Knew to go straight to this with my headphones. It heals me to offset what life’s negatives throws at me. These affirmations truly Are part of the spiritual tool box one needs to survive & then to thrive.
  42. Lauren R: These affirmations boost my confidence in the mornings before starting my day, thank you for sharing these.
  43. Meribane Krasnici: thank you, this has lifted my spirits and made me feel so much stronger. It nice to hear these, it healed my broken heart and spirit.
  44. Aparna Chakraborty: I cannot thank you enough for this video.I have added this to my morning routine and have noticed a very positive energy shift within myself.Highly recommended!
  45. keisha downer: Love these affirmations, been listening ad saying out loud 4 a year. My Confidence is high, I believe n my self. It also humbled me n a way were I speak less.
  46. Wayne Pret: these are great affirmations, and I feel an inner healing taking place as I listen.
  47. Beka Nicole: After years and years of self destructive tendencies and self hatred and beginning my self love journey these videos have helped immensely thank you so much for these videos they truly help more than I can say.
  48. m how: I’ve finally conquered my food addiction, eating healthy and exercising…releasing the struggle with body image and will this new lifestyle work….this helps.
  49. Angel Velasco: Awesome video, really going through some relationship problems and this is what I needed. Gave me lots of perspectives on how to see things and not feel angry. Thanks for the support when there’s no support in relationships.
  50. Edith Gursel: It works, as woman, especially as a African American woman , we encounter so much negatively, from business, to personal relationships , these affirmations, empowers, gives, self-confidence , and self-esteem , Opens our eyes to Beauty and Goddess in and Out of us. and SELF LOVE.
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