50 Law of Attraction Money Stories

50 Law of Attraction Money Stories

Wondering in the Law of Attraction works? We’ve gathered 50 real comments from 50 real people to inspire you. These Law of Attraction Money Stories from all over the world.

  1. Radium Clock: The magic of believing. I won a few bucks on some easy picks and the next day I hit for $475,000. This is the second time I won during this year. 2018 is life changing for the better.
  2. Ciara Gilmore Art: needed £400… listened to this …the next morning i was given a cheque for £400! !!! incredible! love it!!
  3. Tha King: I’m back again with a update ,I just got a job offer for $3 more than what I’m making.
  4. Führerious: I listened to this for 30min and went outside to buy a lottery ticket and I just won $10 000. Best thing to happen in my life!!!!!!
  5. Ravensholst: No kidding, I listened to this this morning and went and bought a scratch off ticket and won $100!!!
  6. Malik Tubbs: Listened to this everyday for the past week and I have won $2800 in Las Vegas. And made an extra $5000 out of nowhere!!! Foreal!!!
  7. IAmFiveee: I watched this and 20 minutes later received $90 in royalties from my music.
  8. Will Starsiak: I am currently a senior in high school but I am graduating this year, I listened to this audio and received a $1,000 scholarship to my college. After three day of receiving the scholarship, my police cadet post received a $4,000 donation, I don’t know what it is but this video is in other terms “magical”. Out of all the times, it was after I watched the video.
  9. Shan: This works!!! When i was listening every night for 4 nights I started attracting money, little opportunities just kept occurring and made over £600 in over a week. This even helped with my sleep I couldn’t fall asleep for hourssss normally, but now I fall asleep within 10 minutes. Grateful 🙌🏽 believe this works!! Now implementing back into my daily I have wealth in abundance!!!💫
  10. Saucy Sizzle: People laugh when I tell them. This really works. Not even a week and my retail percentages have gone up to 40%’s, which is awesome in my industry. And the tips (I’m a hairdresser) are very nice too. Just believe. Just believe it.
  11. Kenya Mitchell: Listened to this one day a week and a half ago and got a deal on a luxury apartment rental the next day. No lie. We moved last weekend and am overjoyed with our new place. I am listening to this again to see what other prosperous happenstances occur in my life!
  12. Chani Rooney: Found ten dollars blowing in the gutter so got some scratches n a lotto ticket double my money now to win on lotto bless.
  13. Fully Awake: I’m literally now labeled as a multimillionaire. I’m very grateful for this.
  14. Esyy: After listening I actually made $3k with my small business in 4 weeks.
  15. Salaam Homma Hashi: After listening yesterday, I got approved for a small credit card that I had gotten turned down for last week and a friend offered to pay a bill I needed payed out of the blue. I guess those qualify? Listening again now.
  16. Nurse m Nursing is Caring: i listen to this & could u believe in just 2 days i recieve 200$ right away..unbelievable…thank u thank u.money flows frm the universe!!!!
  17. EsaMonz: Dude, I literally recieve money, even if it’s 10 mexican pesos or 1,500 mexican pesos, always come to me somehow. This totally works.
  18. Taro Cherry: When i listen, i read all the comments and try to believe. The first time i received an 8$ order the second time when i just waked up i had 18$ order without any effort. Wow amazing.
  19. Keezy Chan: OMG THIS WORKS ! I listened to this last night and the next morning after my shift at work , I made the most tips I ever made in my life ! it was crazy lol .
  20. Iddhi Luciano: It work, somebody give me the money 26,000 dollars after I listen for three days. Thank you.

Watch and listen to the exact wealth affirmations that led to these Law of Attraction Money Stories.

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  1. krazyky2004: 10 mins after listening to half of this video. I received an unexpected cheque for £35 from my old cable supplier saying they realised I overpaid.
  2. Dorian Rozanski: This one is amazing, my mindset has been changing about how to invest money, opportunities are popping up, and I went to the casino tonight for the first time and won 800 dollars after putting in 60! Thank you!
  3. Kristy Kemp: I listened to this and got $4,500 and my hubs won $2,000 at poker all within two weeks time!! Incredible.
  4. Toussaint Derby: I got a check in the mail that I wasn’t expecting for a few hundred dollars after watching this a few times. It stays on at work in the background. Love it!
  5. Suzie Zayed: I was depressed because literally I have no money for rest of this month, I listened to an affirmation booster three times then I listened to this one. Then I went to target to buy tomato sauce I got more depressed because I have no extra money for 3 cans of tomato sauce. However, on my way to my car I found a baby pink little bag has 3700 dollars it was next to my car, I can’t even describe my reaction. BUT I was visualizing Finding either 3700 dollars or 5000 dollars I don’t even know why my brain picked 3700 and 5000. So visualizing is very important. Anyway, I’m on my way Walmart to find my 5000. I’ll come back for an update.
  6. Ms. Allen: I am amazed at my results so far. After two overnight sessions… sold a vehicle that has been for sale for almost two months for near my asking price. Such a blessing. Also same day… got a contract on a house I put on the market 4 weeks ago!
  7. Frank Salas: I watched this and two days later I closed a deal for $2200 , and had a small gig for $250 . This stuff works. I’m talking cash in my bank. Keep in mind that I took the action , I didn’t sit around waiting for it to happen.
  8. Big Jerry: Holy crap this stuff works! I listened to this while cooking dinner a couple days ago and then last night a friend took me out to dinner and gave me $500 dollars! Amazing!
  9. CICI: I was skeptical about this and I’m like let me give a try ,I make two hundred dollars sale in one day on my amazon business.I was really gratefull .I don’t how it works but it was short term.
  10. Tracy Jones: I listened to 15 minutes earlier in the day an d won 10 bucks on a scratch off! just think what the whole 2 hours will do.
  11. Pam Catiller: I’ve been listening to this for a few days and my bank account has been overdrawn since Monday. I came to work to find an envelope with $40 on my desk from a coworker. I believe it is in direct connection with me listening to this. I’m very thankful.
  12. DeAndre Holmes: Weird I did this yesterday and then I saw my next paycheck is the biggest one I’ve gotten in the 3 Years I worked at this hospital 😳😳
  13. TYØ: After 2 months of continuely listening to this audio and saying to the mirror “i’m blessed, rich and successfull” i can finnaly say that i became a manager, making more than 3000 per month, and i find people willing to pay me flys and offer me stuff. I received 3 days ago a mail from amazon stating that i could join one of their research teams in italy and much more. And i’m currently moving to a new house, wich is extremely awkward because it is very similar to the one i’ve always dreamed of for about 2 years of practicing the LAW OF ATTRACTION.
  14. Jonathan Gonzales: It actually worked!!!! I watched it last night and today I got paid $45 from a book that I wrote! The royalties finally showed up in my bank account!!!!!
  15. Lay the unicorn: Honestly this is crazy but I think this worked…I only listened for 30 minutes and my mom and I got calls from friends giving us these job opportunities. And I’m gonna keep on listening to this and see what else will come in my way. Well I now have a job that pays a lot more than my other job and I decided to collect all my change and change them into cash…and I got 88 dollars out of it which is cool. I listen to this when I can and something always comes up.
  16. Thanks4theGum: NOT kidding: I am comment #420 and just getting off of a call at 4:20 about to roll up in celebration of… listening to this and attracting a call about TWO well-paying jobs. I was simply listening, reading the comments, feeling the vibe then received a call from my corporate recruiter. Through listening to reprogramming tracks over the past month I have received multiple abundant opportunities in my freelance career as well. All is well and money LOVES ME! 🙂
  17. Andy Smith High intensity training: I was going through a sticking point within my personal training business and had experienced cash flow problems. I’ve been listening to this for the past 3 weeks and have been using abundance affirmations. My business has never been so busy and people that used to book one session at a time have starting booking blocks of 12!! So my cash flow problems have stopped and I’ve caught up with overdue payments 😊👌 I highly recommend listening to this and thinking positively on a daily basis.
  18. vistaprime: What I found from listening to this for the last 8 months is my attitude toward money and saving changed radically and suddenly my savings and investments skyrocketed. I am also more cautious with spending. Lavish vacations in Dubai are no longer a necessity.
  19. John Smith: I listened to this video last night and today and put £100 bet on and won £1148 back! The reason I put this bet on was so I could win £1000 to buy a new watch I loved but could never justify buying at this point in my life without winning a bet like this. I think this video helped as I’ve been trying to do this bet for last 2 weeks at least but with like 10p bets involving 15-20 football teams which is almost impossible but I always believed I would win it but I had to take a bigger risk and I did today and it paid off! I have gone to the store where I plan to buy it 2/3 times so I can look at it, I have been visualising wearing it, talking to people about it visualised telling them about my bet before I had won it. I go to boxing training after work on a Tue and Thurs and tomorrow is Thurs but I told myself I wouldn’t be able to go tomorrow as after work I will be going into town to buy my new watch. I looked earlier this afternoon at the store opening times to make sure it would still be open after work. I believed it would happen, I visualised it happening, today I really felt the emotion of how it would feel when it happened, I took action and it happened. This is the Law of Attraction.
  20. Kerry Deckert Oiled for Life: I have listened to many different prosperity/abundance meditations but I always come back to this one. I always get some unexpected $ when I’m consistent about listening to it and applying “Abundance” oil. Recently I got a $3 an hour raise from one job and job offers from 2 others.
  21. Fabio Venas Figueiredo: I have been listening for 3 days and 3 things happened to me: First day, I received an addition of last hour in my salary of 90 reais (Brazilian currency). On the second day, I was listening to the audio while taking a nap after lunch, and the phone rang: someone was interested in buying a product that I had announced long ago and nobody had any interest until then.125 Reais. Third day, I won 4 new patients only today, which will earn me about 350 reais more in salary. Total of 565 reais or approximately 176 dollars. I only heard it 3 times and this was enough to convince me that the audio is fantastic and really works. I believe that subliminal messages align our subconscious with the vibration necessary for the law of universal attraction to be effective. Sorry for my bad english.
  22. Mārtiņš Gailis: Started listening to this around a week or 2 ago, along with other subnliminals. TODAY – closed my first deal worth 800-900 EUR in gross income on a project at my new job, that im only doing on the side. IDK if this music had anything to do with it, but if my success after listening to this and other subliminals can inspire and give the needed confidence to atleast one person, well, here ya go. Key is to take action WHILE listening to this. Sitting around and listening to this is like putting NOS on a car with no engine. So go and do more than everybody else, if you ever want to be above avereage. Good luck to all, best wishes as always.
  23. Victor Fidele Calunangan: I’m so grateful that my sales went sky rocket!
  24. Jack Cracker: I listened for ONE hour…left the house for ONE hour ..came back in and checked my messages… got a ONE dollar an hour raise… THAT FAST. I am doing this everyday until I go to Vegas in 2 weeks.
  25. Leo Mes: I have watched videos like this before but i never got something out of it. I did it again and again but there were no results. I decided to do things different; I watched this video for 10 minutes in the morning as soon as i woke up an 10 minutes at night, then i will let it play as i slept. When i was staring at the screen i would picture the money coming into my account. 4 days of doing this i received a call and a week later they signed a contract to buy my biggest product which cost almost 800,000, i make a nice commission out of it. This is my first sale. I started working here back in August. I am so excited to continue doing this and at the same time giving more of my time to improve my skills at work. I cant wait to see what will happen in a year.
  26. Explore with Ali Muhammad: in my entire life, I never played a Lotto.. I belive in how these binuary tones work and listened to it for past few days. I tried EuroMillion lotto and won a small amount but it was still a surprise for me.. Besides that i am getting more options to get money and earned some good amount on crypto trading.
  27. 1ced86: NOT BULLSHITTING, this stuff is so weird, Week 1 of listening everyday in the morning, just randomly got offered a job without even applying and they are willing to pay 30% more than my previous. CONSISTENCY IS KEY.
  28. Alex Thomson: Omg just won 10,000 GBP a month for the next 30 years – thank you so much for giving me luck and turning me into a money magnet.
  29. Potos Ugo: as I started listening to this I won 5 euro and 2euro from scratching card all in last week which never happened in my life and my mind tells me that am going t win 100k.
  30. Ruben Motora: I listened to this yesterday and 3 things happened to me: 1. I got my account reinstated on eBay and I have tried many times to get back on there. (source of good money) 2. A website that did not answer to my question, suddenly answered and solved my problem. (source of good money) 3. I received $10 on my Adsense account. Money has many forms, but it is better to discover the fountain than the water. God bless!
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Feeling inspired up by these 50 Law of Attraction money stories? You have the power to create your own success story too. Take the next step towards your dream life by finding out what’s blocking you from manifesting the life of your dreams!

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