50 Affirmations Success Stories of Happiness and Positivity

50 Affirmations Success Stories of Happiness and Positivity


  1. Andrew-Jaja: I have applied affirmations every day for 5 years and there have been a lot of miraculous and positive changes in my life. Believe me. It works.
  2. Aygün: I swear to god this helped me. I started a week ago. My mental issues got better and today i got a promotion in my company.
  3. Iana S: I listen to this daily. Thank you! My life has changed tremendously. I listened to this before my job interview and i got the job doubling my salary!
  4. Tonya Smith: My 2nd day listening…I’m listening right now as I lay in bed. I had to pause just to let u all know that my spirit feels Soo good right now, I can feel my spirit smiling and shining through me…kinda like it’s having a party inside me lol. Thanks.
  5. TheFoxtrot168: I am a Combat Veteran struggling with PTSD, and I have listening to to these meditation to help me deal with my nightmares and my guilt and slowly I am been able to let go of my guilt and understanding that I have to continue living.
  6. Weslyn!: Who ever is reading this… This is true. I started to play really bad my basketball games. The day before my game, I did this in the night and I said ” I am going to kill it tommorow, I am going to play really good ” . The game day comes, I’m really excited, and I played the best!! Like no joke, everyone was surprised, even my coach and audience.
  7. John Crespo: I have repeatedly used this when things have seemed horrible in my life. Each and every time it works. I have complete faith that this is one of the most effective affirmations for anyone.
  8. Treasure Hustlers: Listened to this last night and woke up early and excited to start the day. I havemt wanted to wake up in months today was the first day i felt relaxed and no stress just READY FOR ANYTHI NG AND EVERYTHING. THANK YOU UNIVERSE AND THE SOUL WHO MADE THIS VIDEO. XOXO
  9. Dani Kash: Everytime I listen to this video it puts me in such an amazing mood! I be so happy and my energy level is always high afterwards.
  10. 86TROVA: I just wanted to say thank u Jason every morning my children listen to this with me thank you so much for helping me raise positive, powerful mindful children 🙏❤️ the best thing ever is to here my 3 year old say “I am healthy, I am wealthy I am wise” thank you this is such a blessing.
  11. ARA: On my third day and I noticed push back. Old beliefs against new beliefs…this tells me it’s working and I will continue. I wanted to share this experience for those who may feel something similar so as not to give up❤️
  12. Renu Gupta: I have just started it before 3 days I can feel the difference I was unable to wake up early in the morning for last 1 year but things r changing now I am sure My life is going to be positive,ful of energy,happy, motivated thank you so much for making this video.
  13. Zach Neuser: When I started these affirmations in 2014, I was washing dishes, riding a bicycle, and living with my grandmother. Today, I am an Analyst at an oil and gas company, I am in my last year of my MBA, I drive a Mustang GT, and I just bought a house last July! Of course this isn’t the only thing I did, but I know that it played a huge part in giving me the mindset I needed to lead me toward these things!
  14. Tawhai Ripia: I’ve been listening this for about a month now. And some good, cool and weird stuff has been happening to me. Ill tell you 3 of them for now. 1 – I keep dreaming that i’m strong, super confidant and really abundant. And the dreams are so much more vibrant and real then they use to be. For example in one of my dreams i was running from a demon (lol) and i was really scared but then all of a sudden a voice told to turn, have courage and face if. So i did!! And as it got closer i called out to god and it despaired. (I usually never turn back) And also i keep finding money in all my dreams. Abundance!! 2 – Also i’m finding courage to talk to people and try new things. And also to speak my mind. Which was strange cause i suffer from anxiety really bad. And 3 – My awareness has improved. Like i was watching a couple old movies that i had seen a million times, but when i had watched them now i started noticing things i had never noticed. It was awesome!! Also the energy of people around me i feel it tones. Not a good feeling sometimes lol. But yes!! This def works!! Good luck!
  15. Moncef Bakir: Clearly many have found love through this positive energy, and surprisingly I actually did as well, with just a few positive energy coming from this, everything shapes up to your favor, everything just become better, life start rewarding you for seeing the bright side, god favors you for opening up to recieve for all the goodness you did, this is time to reward to open the doors of bliss!
  16. TAM DOLL: Since listening to this and saying it aloud everyday things have changed in my life for the better! I am doing so well at work now!
  17. THEGREATDREAMER: This helps me out with my anxiety. Makes me feel like I’m changing all the negativity out my life into positive situations! Let’s me know everything could change as long as I remain positive at all times. Thank you again!
  18. Happy Munchkin: I love it. I’ve been listening every night for last 4-5 months and I feel so good inside and out. Thank you Jason.
  19. Keomi Serrette: Thank you sincerely for sharing… I’ve been searching for this type of help in my life… to reaffirm myself that I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. It’s the first time I’m listening to this recording and I already feel positive… reading most of the comments of others was really inspiring as well… I am going to listening to this everyday and share it with my son as well so that he too would be empowered. Thank you.
  20. Chan Benjamin: Due to my work and stress , I had insomnia for a while and could not sleep well . I slept for half an hour listening to this , it felt like a very depth sleep which had not happen for a long time already . Thank you so much
  21. Low Passion: I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now, I’ve been meditating as well, manifesting my dreams and sun gazing, I am in love with myself ❤️ I feel more great full for everybody around me and I’m always energetic and smiling 🙂 this is just the beginning because I don’t ever think about stopping this.
  22. Ricky Carter: I am an addict who has came to believe in the reality of life and also found that my self thoughts have brought me so far in life and nothing other than God can stop me. I will forever keep growing, becoming happy, becoming rich, healthy, wealthy and healthy, and very important happy and thankful. I will give myself all the happiness my heart desires and have no need to prove it to be real cause I have to myself. I hope those who are led to water will drink because this is our most beautiful life.
  23. Ruth Morrow: This has helped me so much! Thank you Jason! I am so grateful that I found you when I most needed it! I listen to this more than once a day and when I do, I can feel how calm and peaceful I become and how my wellbeing and vibration shifts for the better. God bless you, with love and gratitude!
  24. Deepa Vasudevan: This one works in 24 hrs! Yesterday I lost a much desired opportunity. I listened to this affirmation video last nite and repeated every line said..Today the same opportunity returned to me via an unexpected fone call! I am blessed! Thank you!!!!
  25. Elizabeth Burton: I’ve been listening to this for two weeks or more. Almost every night. It is helping me, with no effort, become more patient with myself and my son, be more calm and think more positively. I have other meditations I listen to but this is by far my favorite, and the best one to fall asleep to. No weird sounds, the music isn’t louder than the speaker, just real basic messages coming through. So much gratitude and love, thank you so much.
  26. Scientifically Sheila: This helped me today 😊 I was feeling sad but I got an immense sense of peace after listening to the affirmations.
  27. Julián Mateo: WOW WOW WOW!! This actually works or its an extreme coincidence! I have been super lazy on my business the past few months. Was almost not taking any action and barely making any money. One week ago I started listening to this and I listened for hours everyday. Only 7 days later, today (so far), I have gotten over $1.5k in sales in under 24h. This is crazy to me and especially because I’m just 17 years old and dropped out of highschool a couple of months ago! Thank you so much to the lovely soul who created this video! You have probably changed my life 🙂
  28. Motivation LIFE: Since listening to this and saying it aloud everyday things have changed in my life for the better! I am doing so well at work now! Tks you.
  29. I said it: I listen to this 3 times a day and 5 other ones know a loop 2 weeks now I have noticed I’m a lot happier. I got my heart ripped out and handed to me my ego was gone I was a shell of a man and now I’m feeling great I still think of the woman but not as much.
  30. Lynn Robertson: Hi Jason I just wanted to let you know that these affirmations are blessing ever since I’ve been listening to them they’ve done wonders for me and it’s funny because I’ve noticed lately that when I say them it’s almost like I can feel them coming into my body and transforming me which sounds totally crazy but it’s the truth and I’m just I’m getting a lot better so I just want to thank you I’ve struggled with depression a lot of my life and these affirmations are definitely definitely lifting my spirits and helping me so once again thank you Jason and God bless you.
  31. thewooflingdiva: This has helped me so much to quiet the negative thoughts. Thank you for providing it to us for free!
  32. Nafiesa Mohamed: This was my first time and I would like to thank you. I became extremely emotional and Thanx for that. I will apply this as a routine everyday. By the way your voice is extremely calming. You are making the world a better place with one person at a time.
  33. Chan Benjamin: Due to my work and stress , I had insomnia for a while and could not sleep well . I slept for half an hour listening to this , it felt like a very depth sleep which had not happen for a long time already . Thank you so much.
  34. Asiah Norwood: Started yesterday and I felt a spiritual shift in my heart.🌻 This is amazing thank you.
  35. Rocio Palacios: Thanks Jason Ive tried to listen to this atleast 3x per week and its been 3 weeks and im feeling great… i just got news that i will be gettign a salary increase so im pretty sure i am attracting abundance right now. Thanks!
  36. A M: This has helped me so much with my self esteem and mental health. I was diagnosed with a severe mental disorder and for a few days I forgot to take my medication but instead of being hospitalised I was able to think clearly and realised that my triggers come from low self esteem where I attack myself from within, call it depressed thoughts if you will. This helped so much and I was very sceptical at first.
  37. Neema Rop: I have used this affirmations video since I was 10. It has helped me in so many ways. Thank u so much for this video. I am now at one with my spirit. God bless u💖😏
  38. Elizabeth Carroll: When things get difficult in my life I repeat some of these. I can see the changes in the way my mind copes, it’s been a few days now. You are what you always think about. This is perfect.
  39. Rich R: This is amazing….. I feel like a spiritual being.. with boundless potential and love. Thank you..
  40. Michal K: I’ve been listening and saying and writing these statements for a couple of months, and have already gotten some amazing changes: living in a better apartment, new possessions and more comfortable surroundings and making more progress on my creative side.
  41. Jessica Bailey: So I have reached a point where I’ve had to admit to myself that limiting beliefs regarding wealth are holding me back. People who have known me all my life describe me as having the worst luck when it comes to money. I started listening to this 3 days ago and last night was gifted enough money that I don’t need to earn another cent this year in order to maintain my current standard of living.
  42. believe1: I love this. I AM loving myself more and more. I AM happy with who I AM and I realized that I would rather be me than anyone else. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  43. ayanle kadiye: Those words work like a magic super food for my brain.
  44. song miguel: U changed my life so much thank so much.
  45. Stephanie Nicole: Jason you’re amazing. I just wanted to thank you as the job I’ve been after was offered to me today. Gratitude to the universe and to you for your beautiful work. Xoxo
  46. Lisa Balash: I’m noticing a change since I’ve been listening to this it’s been about 6 days. I listen 2-3x’s per day.
  47. Lilly Harding: Just wanted to say that in my time when I could not see past my self from pain and so much rejection..This helped me get my self back in track, Helping me to Believe in M3 . Want to say Thanks so much for All the Encouragement that they Bring to The Struggling and Broken Vessels out their. They Really Work if u apply as they say for 21 Days you See the Difference in Ur Life. Greatful for Ur Work.. ✨Thank you✨💖
  48. sᴜᴋɪ ᴋɢ: I will listen to this for 21 days and tell you my results. Day 3: Been feeling really great so far! School starts again next month and I can’t wait for it to be way different and better this time! I feel so confident.
  49. David JC: 21 day challenge. Day 1. Feeling better already. I been so focus on things I want and i’ve been over obsessed about it. So now I’m in process of letting go. My desires I have received a iPhone 11 pro max for free from a stranger. I am dating my crush. I know that the universe will move heaven and earth so I can have these things. I just need to let got of the need and want but not the vision.
  50. Wendi Ellen Farrow: Thank you so much for this! I am in artist and I am making the most difficult art piece I have made yet and I had my energy and thoughts going the wrong direction and then I found this! Helped me tremendously!
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Feeling inspired up by these 50 stories? You have the power to create your own success story too. Take the next step towards your dream life by finding out what’s blocking you from manifesting the life of your dreams!

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