50 Affirmations on Happiness and Joy

50 Affirmations on Happiness and Joy

Looking for some ideas on the law of attraction? We’ve come up with a list of 50 affirmations on happiness that are guaranteed to ignite joy. Remember that whatever you think, feel, say and act on, you draw to yourself like a magnet. When you appreciate the happiness that already exists in your life, like money in the bank, it appreciates! Being happy helps to draw in the things we want.

  1. I focus on growth rather than perfection.
  2. The universe is out to support and provide for me.
  3. I always look for the silver lining.
  4. I feel at ease and at peace.
  5. I immediately let go of negative thoughts.
  6. I am proud of myself and who I am.
  7. I am grateful for everything I have and blessed with.
  8. I trust that everything contains a gift or a lesson.
  9. I believe in a friendly world.
  10. I am proud of the big things and the little daily things I’ve done.
  11. I listen to my body and nourish it with what it needs.
  12. I make peace with myself through forgiveness and moving forward.
  13. I focus my attention on what is satisfying and what works.
  14. I am worthy of a good life with a sense of purpose.
  15. I free myself from stressful and worrying thoughts and transform them into meaningless thoughts.
  16. I am aware of my habits that lead to happiness and practice them every day.
  17. The universe is on my side, no matter what happens.
  18. I am grateful for my health.
  19. The bad voice in my head has no effect on my emotions or who I am or what I have achieved.
  20. I say nice things to myself every day.
  21. I focus my energy, creativity, and imagination on solving problems.
  22. I have found happiness in something rock solid and does not fade away.
  23. I celebrate and validate the work that I’ve done in my personal and professional life.
  24. I am grateful for the people that support me.
  25. I am acting from inspiration.
  26. I am able to observe my negative thoughts objectively without believing in them.
  27. I am grateful for my talents and capabilities.
  28. I find 10 things to appreciate about my positive qualities every day.
  29. I absorb other’s happiness, and it’s the greatest gift I can receive.
  30. I practice letting go of negative thoughts by imagining putting them in a balloon and floating away.
  31. I find self-worth and serenity when I search within myself.
  32. I am able to find a sense of purpose wherever I go and whatever I do, even in the most mundane of tasks.
  33. I give more attention and energy to the thoughts that serve me.
  34. I find joy, love, and happiness all around me.
  35. I am good enough.
  36. I’m proud of the good things I’ve accomplished.
  37. No matter how much or how little I have in life, I can still be grateful.
  38. I love myself unconditionally.
  39. I actively search for ways to be happier with whatever I am doing.
  40. I allow grace to flow into my life.
  41. I have no complaints whatsoever.
  42. I am grateful for at least 5 things that happen to me every day.
  43. I surround myself with support.
  44. I put my faith and surrender to the universe’s guidance.
  45. I wish for people around me to be happy, and it is mirrored back to me.
  46. I live with the intention of putting something wonderful into the world.
  47. I allow the emergence of excellence and greatness within myself.
  48. I am growing more and more attuned to the divinity around me.
  49. I have a deep appreciation for everyone around me.
  50. I have been hired by the universe to be myself.
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Many of the statements here are inspired by the book “Happy for no reason” by Marci Shimoff. This book was gifted to me and sat around for a year unread.

Today, I felt the deep and pressing need to write out this list as I was feeling unhappy for no reason. My life was going well, my friends and family were well, my career was fine, my relationships were good. But I just felt so stagnant and in despair. As I continued listing out these Happiness affirmations, I realized that I wasn’t grateful or appreciative of what I had. Also, I allowed negative thoughts to color my mind, when in fact everything was going well in real life!

I hope that as you read them, you’ll feel as healed as I am as I was writing them out. Thank you for reading, and Thank you universe for the book!

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