50 Affirmation Real Stories of Love and Relationships (Law of Attraction)

50 Affirmation Real Stories of Love and Relationships (Law of Attraction)

Are you curious about the power of affirmations? Here are 50 affirmation real stories on love and relationships that I have collected from all over the internet. Read on to find out about the life-changing experiences of those who listened to daily affirmations.

  1. Nurjean Chaneco: I can’t remember if I first listened to this in June or July 2019. Back then, I was still single, and when I came across this video, I told myself “I have nothing to lose if I listen!”. I didn’t listen to this for 21 days straight. Maybe Twice or thrice a week…. and then I forgot about it. Then around Aug 2019… you guessed it. I entered a relationship with a wonderful man (whom I met around June 2019)
  2. Jay V: You guys this. WORKS!!! I listened to this once, and I went upstairs and found my soulmate! My bed and I have now been together for 2 years.
  3. Danielle Moles: This works, I listened every night before bed and I listened to where I loved and felt it!! Now, fast forward 2 months and I meet my soul mate in a random city. He’s from the France and I’m from the US. We now live together and I’ve never felt so complete and thankful. Thank you for sharing this song, it brought me and my loved ones pure joy.
  4. sansona: in 2014 I started listening to this…. in 2015 I met a wonderful man…. and in 2016 we married… and here we are, so in love 🙂 I came back to this video by “casualty” and tears came to eyes remembering that day when I decided to let go of “searching” and instead just letting “the one” come.. and he came in the most unexpected way 1 year later. I’M THANKFUL FOR THIS VIDEO ♡
  5. Elaine Croc.: It really works 😉 I started to listen last July, three to five times per day. We confirmed our relationship during Christmas 🙂
  6. Sally Tan: I listened to this as many times as I could while I was driving or before bed. After a month or so I met this wonderful person and now we’ve been together for almost 6 months. Amazing….. Thank you with much love Namaste
  7. kiana vigil: Sooooo, I was reading all these comments and thought they were bullshit at first. But since I started listening to this frequency I had found the love of my life😳 so I’m just tripping out. Hope you guys get the same experience.
  8. Hormuz Chyella: This worked for me like magic. My potential life partner popped out of nowhere, that too from thousands of miles away from me. Thank you 🙂
  9. Lorena Sorinca: Last year I decided I need to be on my own for a while to make myself happy as all the time I was waiting for someone to come into my life to make me happy. Started to dance, went on holiday on my own then I felt I was ready for my soulmate. Started to write him letters knowing he’s there somewhere, wrote a description of his qualities, slept on one side of the bed to make him space, made space in the cupboard for his clothes and listened to these meditatoon twice a week while having a bath with candles and practice visualation. In October I attracted the most amazing man from thousands of kilometers away. We are getting married and we got blessed with a baby. All in the space of 6 months. Put ur wish up there and have faith. It works.
  10. Let’s Talk GIS Information: I have always wanted true love and someone to love me. It has been my dream ever since I was a young girl. I never had love from another in my life. I found this music and thought it was very beautiful. I listened to it every night while I was falling asleep. I am not sure how long I listened to it but shortly after I met the love of my life. This meditation worked miracles for me and now I am living a fairy tale. I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life and I now have a love to last forever with my soulmate. I am truly grateful. You are so blessed for blessing my life in this manner. I hope everyone finds the love they deserve. Many Blessings!
  11. Lia Diamond: This actually works. I used to listed to guided meditations until one day I came across one of these audios to find soulmates. Weeks later I met my fiancé and he’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I had shitty relationships and I was aware I needed to change patterns in relationships and it actually happened! I feel like I won the lottery with him. Hope you guys have the same experience, I’m pretty sure you will.
  12. Francesca Cappai: I met my soulmate after a few days of listening to this. I’m so grateful and happy to be phisically in a relationship with the person that is perfect for me. It will work also for each one of you ❤❤ gratitude, love, peace and blessings.
  13. Jamie McLaughlin: IT REALLY WORKS!! I had my doubts and was really getting discouraged in dating as I’m a widow and started dating again after 4 years and was thinking there was no midaged good men left and was giving up hope in finding love again then a friend told me to start listening to these amazing subliminals in April and 2 months later I have met the most amazing tall handsome funny gentleman that is absolutely crazy about me as I am about him. He’s everything I manifested for in partner. We have now been together 2 months I know thats not long but he feels so right! Thank You I’m so grateful for these videos.
  14. Rosa: This frikkin’ works. I promisse. This is not a BS comment. I listened to this for a few days straight (not many) and not even the full length of it (half only). I was signed in on this dating website. I didn’t search for anyone. This dude approaches me. We started talking to each other and in no time he came to meet me. We just felt (attracted) to each other instantly. We’ve been dating and seeing each other since (beginning of the month), despiste both of us being very busy we arrange time for each other and for getting to know ourselves better (good thing at least we live near by). We just get along very well and have fun together. Even my horoscope have been saying tons of different good things about my love life right now (like: this might have been one straight shot). I’m just so happy and Grateful right now 🙂
  15. Isha khan: I started listening to this a couple of times a week, sometimes with earphones, sometimes leaving it in the background. I think it worked, I attracted a guy who had almost all the qualities I wanted!
  16. joana ricohermozo: This works! I dont know if its just coincidence or what but after months of listening to this, he found me. As cliche as it may sound. You’ll know it , when you feel it. Thank you for posting this! =)
  17. Dakota Seer: You guys this is crazy!!! :”'( I’ve been listening to this for the past 4 weeks, about 3-6 times per week and I met the most amazing person this last weekend. This feels surreal.
  18. fignutin: ummm, im not sure if this was a coincidence, but in like a month after i listened to this, i’ve found my mate, and we’ve now been together for 7 months… wow, um i guess this worked!
  19. Mirtis Sison: I listened to this everyday for a week or a little more, and soon after, in less than a month, an old friend messaged me out of the blue. Turns out he always had a crush on me since high school but now that we reconnected I found out more of what he is like and just fell in love with him. He is the only person I’ve ever been so compatible with, and I’m stunned that I got this opportunity because I listened to this. So thank you.
  20. Siratou Way: I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is something magic in that video for sure! After listening for only 3 days my life has changed, people come to me like I was attracting them. 3 days!!! I am more joyful than ever! Thank you again.
  21. Sunshine Subs: THIS WORKS :)) I just remembered I had listened to this video and a similar one at the start of last year Not long after listening only 1 or 2 times I started chatting with a guy online but didn’t think anything of it few months go bye and I’m still talking to him and getting to know one another things are going so well but I had still forgotten about this video now I’ve been in a relationship with him for 6 months and I can most definitely say he is my soul mate and best friend I have never been happier !! :)) It’s about putting out the intention and then just letting go of how it’ll come to you ! I don’t think you have to listen to this video a million times for it to happen Maybe only once or twice then just let the universe work its magic 🌟🌟🌟💛💛🌟🌟💛💛🤗🤗🤗😇 Best of luck everyone.
  22. Rodolphe Felix: Update: met my twin flame this week in person after talking for months and pretty much being in a relationship before physically meeting. Felt like not only we knew each other forever but felt like we’ve lived together too. So grateful. The synchronicities and messages were so clear. Be patient, it can take months, weeks…. but it is so worth it. Find peace, love your solitude, and it’ll come.
  23. The Quan Walker: This is one of my all time Favorite Videos. I did Find and Attract Love. My Soul Mate to be exact. The one that you practice your whole life for. After about 4 weeks of listening to this frequency including about 2 weeks of listening to this video brought her to me in the most natural unassuming of ways and because I left my Heart open I saw her clearly waited for My Turn and We Are In Sacred Union. The frequencies are real. Do the Work: Visualize : Feel and Fill Those Empty Spaces with The Care And Compassion You Desire: Feel Your Best Friends: Someone to help you accomplish your dreams with: See yourself doing activities you normally do by yourself with significant others. If you’re single start making yourself two plates instead of one and just wrap one up for “the love of your dreams” to come home and get, start setting up things for you and her; he and you….Know, Go, and Then Wait in Gratitude. Stay Encouraged and Empowered Family. This video was published 10 days before my birthday. So this reply of thanks is my return gift to the producer of the video as well as the other seekers of Love. Be Bliss and Let’s Keep Growing!
  24. igli2pac: I wouldn’t think this works, but after I wrote a list of how I wanted her to be, me and my best friend fell in love and I realised she had all the details written in her list. This really works just be happy and believe that you already met her.
  25. my name: I listened to this on Thursday June 6th for only 15min. & literally 2 days later on Saturday the 8th, my tire went flat & when I called Toyota for a technician to come out to put my spare on, it turned out to be a very lovely guy who was 40min away. He called my phone with his personal cell # to confirm my location & when he finally arrived, he was very professional with my father & I. Oddly enough, I ended up texting him today (Sunday the 9th) to thank him for his service & we’ve been talking ever since. Idk if we’ll end up dating, but the chemistry appears to be there. We’ll see. But this really does work. Just a few tips : 1. Listen to it for as long as you can without any inbetween breaks & fantasize about having a happy relationship with someone special. 2. Don’t make it a priority to keep listening to this or keep questioning whether or not it’s working, just listen to it & then go about your day. 3. Start feelin yourself. If you don’t want you, no one else will lol. You’ve gotta know that you’re the ish & don’t think that people are “out of your leauge”. You have the ability to attract whatever attracts you, but confidence is what will make that happen. I listened to this only for 15min cause I ain’t got time for 3 consecutive hours.. I got stuff to do. Then I forgot about it cause it’s really not that serious. & then I began to get into a positive mindset/mood when it comes to my self love & embracing myself. I hope it works for y’all too. Btw, I’m a black girl ( 21 ) in Hollywood, CA who met a Russian guy ( 22 ) in Hollywood, CA. I hate that I have to get a New tire, but it was completely worth it lol.
  26. letmein1109: “Holy shit”. It’s happened for me.!! I’m so grateful for my new relationship and to this vid. I literally played the hell out of this,saturated myself with it, a vision board.
  27. Pranjal Rastogi: Fuckkk…trust me! Here’s something magical… I downloaded the mp3 and played in for a week before i sleep. I normally slept listening to this. I’ve got a huge crush on a girl and to press the feelings i stopped talking to her. She behaved as if she didn’t care. She normally used to give a look to me while we walked in the school corridor but never talked. And idk this is random or this subliminal has done something but i received a text from her today. I ssly don’t know what to think. And i am not exaggerating…I’ll send you yhe screenshots. Drop me your email!
  28. Vidhi Salvi: on december 2018 i started to listen this on repeat mod and on march 2019 i met my love my universe ♥️ n i am telling u guy it work so wonderfully i mean it is so phenomenal and my man is love unconditionally and i am so so blessed and grateful for having him in my life on such magical way…💫🙏🙏🤗i hope and i knw you guy all get ur love now……good vibes to you all….🥰Thank you so much for this amazing subliminal thank u…
  29. Aida Rafael: your videos are amazing, ever since i started watching it my life is changing to better. God bless you, i am living just miracles!!!!
  30. Jay Knight Logical Fantasy: omfg this worked ive found the love of my life after a month of listening to this calling out to my soul mate i am 20.
  31. Michael Christian: It seems to work im getting hit up a lot , a lot more . I didnt really expect anything but i have been recieving a lot of attention just a coincidence? Idk , but the more i listen the more attention im getting . Trust me im enjoying this beautiful just amazing …THANK YOU !!
  32. Charmie Bad: Thank you so much!!! I found my soulmate after constantly listening to this sublimal.
  33. amy519biker: This works !! Ex trying to come back. Two others guy’s are asking me out. Listening everyday for 3 weeks.
  34. dawn benn: I was a complete skeptic about subliminals but this worked for me. After 3 years of being on/off with my partner (mainly off) I tried the law of attraction and listened to this every evening before I fell asleep. It made me feel more positive and able to project that outwardly. My partner has fully committed and we’re just in the process of buying our first home together. I think it attracts the right person, but may not work if you’re trying to attract someone toxic who is no good for you. Me me, it was about timing. Give it a try though, you may be surprised like I was!
  35. Ledina S: It works I was single for many months I listened to this for 3 nights and then I didn’t listen to it anymore After a week I met someone and now we are together 🙂
  36. dizshashu gascon: it is really true….i found a nice goodman in my life…so amazing….i thought it isn’t true but i can prove to myself….thank you….i am inlove right now…thanks😍😍😍😍😍
  37. Roxas94: Ok so this is gonna sound crazy but while listening to this I have this warn feeling in my chest around my heart.
  38. mickeytrin: Omg this is so strange had this playing in the background yesterday and wasnt really paying attention. I received a call from my ex who i last spoke to 2 years ago and he said he had this strong urge to call me and appologise for how things ended. Funny enuf we met up today and had an amazing catch up meal felt like old times 😊
  39. Nelly Williams: I was listening to this and a few others for finding my soulmate on an almost daily basis for around a month and I actually met an awesome guy!! I have been single for just over a year and have been doing online dating almost the whole time but hadn’t been having any luck with it. Then I saw this guy and messaged him and he answered me right away. We have been talking for about a month now and the amount of stuff we have in common is crazy! He just asked me to be his gf so we’ll see what happens but I think this worked…so excited!! I will try to update…hope everyone finds their love 🙂
  40. Real is Rare: I am so happy and grateful that I am in a happy and beautiful relationship with my soulmate. Yes I have found the love of my life. Thank you universe for making my beautiful. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
  41. N T: Guys this is so weird, I listened to this for a few days before bed and this week at work I’m not sure if I was emitting some kind of vibe but guys were really paying ATTENTION to me which is so flattering or maybe I just noticed more? And then one guy said “how come you’re single? Why has nobody snapped you up yet?” Which made me feel good about myself and made me question YES WHY AM I SINGLE IM AMAZING! Still haven’t found anyone of course.. It is still early days but I have faith. What I wanted to comment was the relationships in my life in terms of friends and family is improving because of listening to this. I feel happier, lighter and am able to emit a certain type of light which seems to touch the people I am around and I’m aware it results in them feeling happier and more uplifted. I believe I am making an impact on helping my close ones around me laugh and have a good time in my presence which I am forever thankful for because I was going through a phase where I was a dark and unwanted energy.
  42. The Last Resort: It works. I found my soul mate yesterday…of the week. :>
  43. Angela Rose Libby: This was incredible. i started to feel energy moving right away, and my heart was filed with emotion and joy. Thank You so much.
  44. Sister is shook g2g byee: I haven’t gotten a boyfriend but I have been seeing a lot of cute boys so it might be working.. Update: everywhere I go I catch guys staring at me but nun of them say anything to me .
  45. marnaiya henze: I’m attracting Austin my one true love without no bs from his family and no third parting from other woman.
  46. Chinmaya Kishore: It is magical….I started to listen to it and she texted inspite of being busy…I wish the best for everyone who desire true love.
  47. Jennifer Winterburn: Released a lot of sadness and hurt inside to this crying. Felt so happier and stronger to progress with my life after listening. Thank you 😃
  48. Katara of the Southern Water tribe.: After the first two weeks of listening to it, I felt melancholy. But strangely a guy I did not knew started talking with me. I started listening to this less and he contacted me less because of that. This really does work! Now I hope it works on my crush.
  49. Krystin Grant: Wow had. Serious daydream that my twin flame and I would be a blended family. His daughter loved me and she was my own and my son loved him unconditionally. We lived in a beautiful house I was cooking for a BBQ we were having. Lots of people came he proposed to me at the BBQ in front of all these ppl we kissed and hugged but the hug was something I never ever felt or had before. . 😩😔
  50. MrTroy2003: I have a hard time believing this will help me find a soulmate, if there is such a thing. But I can tell you it helps calm my mind before I go to sleep and helps me let go off the troubles of the day so I sleep through the night. So it does help some.
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Attract your ideal soulmate by visualizing your partner’s qualities, character, personality, and values. Think of how you’d feel like when you get together. Soak in the wonderful feeling of being loved, accepted and appreciated. Feeling inspired by these 50 affirmation real success stories?

You have the power to create your own success story too. Take the next step towards your dream life by finding out what’s blocking you from manifesting the life of your dreams!

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