20 Manifestation Stories on Love and Relationships

20 Manifestation Stories on Love and Relationships

Looking for Real Stories on the Law of Attraction? Here are 20 Real People sharing about their Manifestation Stories on Love and Relationships. I hope they bring you hope and inspiration, so you can manifest the love that you deserve.

  1. Healing Love
    I was in an unhealthy relationship with a man who I allowed to hurt my feelings time after time. I did headstands for him and always ended up bruised. At one point I made a list and wrote down everything I wanted in a partner, thinking that he could change. That never happened. We broke up and I, who thought that I couldn’t live without him, started to smile again.Six months ago I meet this wonderful man who inspires me to be the best I can be. One day I was reading through my old notebook and lo and behold, the man I described on my list was the man standing in front of me.The Universe delivered, not in the way I expected but in a more perfect way that I could imagine!
  2. Wanted my Ex Back, Got Someone Better Instead
    More than a year ago, my ex broke up with me out of the blue, saying he didn’t feel the same for me anymore and other such things. I was devastated. I just wanted to die and get rid of all the suffering. My life was a mess, I really don’t know how I made it through 2018. I felt sad and miserable and desperate. I wanted that guy back, it didn’t matter what it would take to have him back, I really wanted him back. I felt like I could never be with someone else. I could never have such strong feelings for someone else. I wanted him and only him. I felt like my world ended when he left me. My family and friends were worried about me and told me to move on because I deserved better than that. That period was quite dark for me but despite all these things, I managed to go on with my studies and finish the academic year with high grades.After a while, I had an awkward conversation with my ex and that discussion made me feel a bit uncomfortable. That was the moment that I really let go of him and I knew deep in my heart that I deserved someone better. My ex didn’t seem to know what he wanted.I suffered again for 3 days but after that, I decided I should stay positive, no matter what was going to happen. I knew I could go on without him for the first time in a year. I listened to a lot of music in order to be in a good mood and it certainly helped me. I got in a better mood.This is when I started talking to my current boyfriend. I kept thinking that maybe I should contact him first, but I was too shy to do it. Meanwhile, I forgot all about it and minded my own business. One day he had sent me a message. I knew I had manifested it with the LOA. I wanted him to contact me first and I believed it, then I let it go, and then he contacted me!Now as I’m typing this story, we have been together for 2 months and everything is going really well. They are so far the most beautiful 2 months of my life! This guy really has all the qualities I wanted to find in a guy. I even wrote those qualities on a paper some time ago, but I forgot about that paper, I think I even threw it away at some point. But what matters is the fact that this guy ticks all the qualities I wrote on that list. He is indeed wanted I wanted and I’m so grateful that the Universe has brought this guy into my life!

    As for my ex, I wish him all the best. He contacted me randomly 3 weeks ago saying he just wanted to talk to someone, but I didn’t really care. I’m finally fine with us being just friends and nothing more.

  3. Happily Married to my Love!
    I and my boyfriend loved each other a lot but our families were not happy with our relationship. However, I did not lose hope and I believed in the Universe and the Universe replied with positivity. Finally, our families agreed about our relationship and now we are happily married. The greatest joy is we have our families’ blessings with us!
  4. He confessed his love for me
    I fell in love with my current boyfriend last year. He also had feelings for me but one day he said that he did not feel the same way that I did. I was devastated.Then I came across The Secret. I finished the book in one day and I also practiced The Magic. After a few months of affirmations and visualization, his behavior towards me changed. He started caring for me more and we started spending a lot of time together. Eventually He confessed to me that he loves me. Now we are in a very happy and loving relationship. We both love each other a lot. Somehow I always knew that we were meant to be together and I was just not ready to give up. One of the most important things if you want to attract love, is to be a loving person. You can only attract what you are. And then let it go because only then will you be happy and you will be aligned with the Universe.
  5. Have Faith and Let Go
    I was in the exact same situation a few days ago and it was so very hard to be positive or even have a calm mind when everything around you is crashing down. But if there is anything I learnt it is that step one is not necessary to have all and only positive thoughts. It is simply to stop paying attention and giving importance to the negative ones.I came here today and read the page for numerous stories and everyone said: “Have faith and let go!”. I read so much that it felt real. I put my mind to it, I believed in the higher power, I took out my journal and began to count my blessings. I also was asking for what it was that I wanted and then went on with my day like everything was fine. I enjoyed the happy moments and kept my mind calm.Within a few hours, the results manifested! That’s right. Just a few hours!!I had goosebumps and I really wanted to cry! It is amazing what this feels like. It feels amazing to be out of that dark place and knowing all it took was faith and letting it go. Manifestation Stories on Love
  6. The Sign I Asked For
    My love and I split up as I was full of negativity and became ungrateful. Yesterday whilst walking, I said my prayer and asked God to show me the initials of his first name and mine. The first car I saw had his first name and last name initials. Immediately after that, I saw the initials I asked for! I firmly asked, believed and received. I felt immense gratitude, joy and comfort knowing that I will be married to him and that he is the one for me. I even asked Allah to show me the man I would marry and it was him! So don’t feel sad, believe in god and he’ll give you what you want! Thank you!
  7. Focus and Follow The Law of Attraction
    Me and my girlfriend broke up on July, 2018 as her father was against this relationship because of various reasons.My family was in support for this relationship and was ready to accept my girlfriend even if she went against her parents wishes. Her father found a guy for her who was a really good match. No doubt the guy was perfect in every aspect. So that guy and my girlfriend met saw each other and that guy said yes for her within 4 hours. Her parents were on cloud 9 and she was against it for some time but later she also accepted it.This was the most shocking part for me. The girl, who 2 days before said that she could not live without me was ready for this match. And the reason she gave was she never said yes but neither did she say no. I was totally broken up about it.I remembered The Secret. So I found and saw the movie on Netflix and also read The Magic book. I started practicing the law of attraction and said that she and I were going to be together by the 20th of December, 2018. Also that her parents would be will be willing to accept us for marriage. I followed the LOA with full faith and guess what?!She broke her marriage off with that guy and then she started working again with a consulting firm. My company is now a client of her company and the first client she got was my company. And the day she started coming to my office was the 20th of December, 2018!

    We are together now but her parents are not yet ready for our match still.

    So what I asked for I received!

  8. Be Patient and Believe
    I was going through years of, let’s say, not so good relationships until I  met my wife. In the beginning, it was a bit rocky and I was feeling really insecure. At first, because of The Secret, I thought that someone else could manifest my partner. I did not realize that what I was doing with that thought was placing my energy into what I did not want to happen.I realized this eventually and started to focus more on myself. As the days grew my partner and I became closer and I became even more secure. I now realize that my partner only loved me in that type of way. We started to communicate more and before you knew it we were getting married on a beautiful Island. She currently has a son but we plan to have at least 2 more children.My word to everyone else is to be patient and believe that your partner is only for you and not interested in anyone else.
  9. I Really am a Lucky Girl
    I had been in a marriage for 5 years and it was not the best. We separated but I could not and did not want to move on. I kept trying and trying to attract him back to me. When I read that the Universe brings you what you need or even better, I couldn’t take that in. I wanted it so bad to be him!!But guess what? What I read was true! The Universe had someone better and I have met him now and he is everything I ever wanted in a man. I sort of feel foolish for all those times I sat begging for it to be my ex.I have never been happier! To all who read this and are in the same situation, I was you, and you really do have to let go and believe the Universe really does have your back and knows what is best for you. Manifestation Stories on Love
  10. He Came to Me
    When I met my soul mate, I just knew that he was the one for me. But after a year and half things got rough. He ended up just leaving me. We broke up on the worst terms ever. The last thing I said to him was “You are dead to me” and we blocked each other from social media. However, with time it made me realize how much I truly loved him. So I decided to do something about it. I went on Google and started looking it up and found this website. I, later on, I watched The Secret movie and got my gratitude journal. Every day I would write about everything I was grateful for and and feel the happiness and joy as if I was with him.Good things started to come. I got my manager job and I good grades at school. I got good friendships and amazing family connections. Every day before I would go to sleep I would give thanks for my day to my Gratitude Rock and talk to my pillow as if it was him. I would just be thankful for everything from the clear skies to the stormy days. I was happy that I found myself. I lost weight, my teeth got whiter and my hair grew longer. Then I started to visualize when he would come back. So I set a date and every day in my journal I would write “He is going to come back to me” on that date. And he did. We have made plans to meet this Saturday and I’m so excited and happy.
  11. The Universe is Really Listening
    I had been in a long-distance relationship for a while, and while it was very rewarding, we had our ups and downs. We both had to mature a lot but I had grown weary of everything. I wanted someone here with me. So one day I prayed and asked God to show me pink daisies if I should hold on to the relationship, and green if I shouldn’t. Well, for the past few days I’ve seen nothing but pink daisies. I think I have my answer!I’m still learning to use the law of attraction and to build my faith but it really works. Belief, gratitude and keeping yourself happy is the key.
  12. Check Your Thoughts
    So, I was married to my husband for 25 years and unfortunately, the marriage broke down. I thought I would never meet or marry someone else and to be honest, that suited me. However, after some time, I found I was lonely, I seemed to be stuck in a rut and I wasn’t happy. I no longer wanted to be alone.I picked up The Secret again as it had been a long time since I read it and I realised that I wasn’t living like I was happy. So, I made room in my closet for my new partner I was yet to meet. I put a picture of a man up on my vision board and left the rest to faith. I saw myself being endlessly happy with this man. Soon after, I met this wonderful man. He is everything I could have asked for and we are to be married next December.I also had been made redundant at my job around the same time that I split up with my ex. I just kept reading The Secret and it helped me get a wonderful job working with wonderful people. The Secret has helped me through all the hard times in my life and made me happy! It was as simple as that. I was happy for the first time in years, even before I got the job and met the man of my dreams. I was just happy and I had peace of mind thanks to The Secret.The thing I needed to remember was to be grateful for all the good in my life, right now. The rest flowed to me naturally. Manifestation Stories on Love
  13. The Secret to my RelationshipOne big incident that showed me how much power The Secret has was when I had my final exams and I asked the Universe for a score of 80% in the exams. The results came and I had scored exactly 80% !! But it wasn’t until my 1.5 year relationship started to break down that I actually watched the movie. It gave me new hope and trust me, I was facing drastic changes in my relationship! Everything that was going wrong, started to fall into the right places. It’s all about changing your attitude towards people, situations and the inevitable changes in life.If you truly long for something, the whole Universe will try to bring it to you.
  14. Miracles, Miracles Everywhere!
    So first of all, don’t give up, okay. This works. The power of positive thinking and positive mindset is real.I have the luckiest life. I am so grateful to the Universe that it always has my back. I was busy with some difficult work and had almost given up, but for the last two days, I had been creating positive vibes and imagining myself completing it. And voila!! It got done today and it was beautiful!! It’s all because of the Universe. Thank you. Sending you loads of love and positive vibes.
  15. Finally Found my Soulmate!
    I got divorced in 2015 and my whole world turned upside down. Actually, due to constant fights and his ‘don’t care’ attitude combined with his violent nature, I was forced to take this decision. But I have never, ever regretted my decision. It was one of the best decisions of my life.I used to read The Secret stories and imagine me receiving all the good things I wanted for my life. I made a vision board. I used to write gratitude journals and I thanked God for everything I had received in my life. And gradually I started receiving those good things in my life.I got promoted, I got fit, I traveled a lot, I made new friends, I basically started enjoying and loving my life all over again. I was also meeting new boys in the meantime. Finally I came across this one guy who was exactly like I had imagined for my desired guy. He was very handsome, tall, well read, soft spoken, caring, successful and from a good family.Fast forward to August 2018. I am married to this guy and so happy in my life. He is moving to London and soon I will be posting another success story!
  16. I met the guy!
    I had been reading ‘The Secret’ for a few months after my father suggested the book for me to read. I had just passed my school, and now I wanted a guy in my life who had the same interests as mine.This is where the visualising thing worked. We did not talk but then I always wanted him to initiate conversation as things were a bit awkward for us. Then after a few days I received a text from him. I was so happy. Everything that I visualised in my mind was coming into life. Now I started visualising us meeting and sitting together. I convinced myself that we had already met and we were sitting next to each other.The next day we met and I was sitting next to him!Now I visualise him proposing to me and I know it will work. Thanks to Rhonda Byrne for this beautiful legacy to this Universe.
  17. Love is a Thank You Away
    I met a man last year and fell in love with him. At first, I did not think I even liked him. We were from two different worlds, but as we spent more time together, I realized that I enjoyed being with him so much that I did not want to live without him. He was very reluctant to get into anything serious after being hurt a few times by other women. I tried to play it cool, but I was needy and emotional and eventually I pushed him too hard and he told me he was done with me. My heart broke for 2 months without him. I cried every night and tried different candle spells to bring him back into my life. Nothing worked.I was ready to give up until I randomly came across The Secret. I listened to the audio and realized I could change everything around with gratitude and positive thinking. So I did just that. Every day I wrote in my journal and I gave thanks for everything. I would also write ‘thank you’ for him calling and texting me although it had not happened yet. I just believed it did. Before I knew it, I stopped worrying about getting him back. I simply enjoyed life and felt radiant! I had everything I wanted, including my lover. I would go to bed whispering sweet nothings to him and woke up thanking the Universe for my lover being in my life. I stopped bad mouthing him to friends. I told everybody things were great and that I was happy.Then, suddenly, he contacted me. He told me he had been thinking of me and checking up on me through social media. He had been afraid to contact me before because I had gotten mad with him and said we would never speak again. We had a great phone call and he asked to see me. I held my cool because I was no longer needy or desperate. He continued to call and text me to ask me how I was doing and to tell me that he missed me. Then, we saw each other again and it was magical. Things were much better than before and the attraction was stronger than ever. The other day he woke up beside me and said, “I love you.”. I was astounded. He repeated it and I just smiled. I knew then that love was just a thank you away and that I had manifested it. Now, my love and I are happy together and are building our real relationship.
  18. Life Became Magic
    I am not very good at narrating, but let me put it this way. My love life had many twists and turns just like a roller coaster ride. The first time he proposed to me I rejected him. Later my parents asked me to marry him as he is my cousin and it would be a good match. My boyfriend and me wanted to get married and informed our parents. His parents did not like that for many reasons. I used to apply The Magic all the time, for almost 2 years, even when there was no chance for us to get married. We finally broke up but The Magic was so strong that the law of attraction made him come back to me. At that moment, I felt the power of the LOA and it was miraculous..Finally we got married with everyone’s blessings and we are living happily as we feel magic around us. He revealed to me something that is astonishing to both of us. He said that he never knew about The Secret or The Magic but he used to always visualize that I was with him and that we were getting married. Even without knowing The Magic, he applied it to his life..
  19. I found my Dream Man
    Have you ever envisioned the perfect person for you?  I had always had an idea of the guy I wanted to end up with, but I thought it was just a dream, a fantasy.At the beginning of the last year I stumbled across the movie of The Secret. Ever since then I have believed in it and had been practicing it.

    So I finished uni and managed to get an interview for a job I wanted. I believed with unwavering faith that I would be offered the job and that I would be working there in no time. And I got it!

    Shortly after getting my job I unexpectedly got asked on a date by a man whom I did not think much of, but I went on the date anyway. Little did I know he was perfect for me and was the dream man I had always been asking for my whole life! Manifestation Stories on Love

  20. Signs from the Universe
    I had a falling out with a friend whom I was in love with, and for several months I was depressed. I pulled myself up and I just knew that I had to win him back. But first, I had to focus on purging my negativity. This was a real task. It took me 3-4 months to perfect my state of positivity, but it happened.Each day I made a conscious effort to concentrate on myself and my happiness and loving myself and giving myself all the attention. Things started to change. I soon realised that I may not have wanted my friend to be my soulmate. Maybe I was just naive in thinking it but, something told me that he was the one for me. I was in doubt. I was not able to decide what I wanted out of that relationship.I sent out multiple requests to the Universe, one of which was to show me the way. I asked for a sign. I thought in my mind that if I see a red rose anywhere, a live rose, not a picture of it, I would know that he is the one. I decided that I would give that dream my 100% if I saw a red rose before my birthday. My birthday was in a week’s time so it was like a resting period for me. I concentrated on myself.A week before this, I decided to practice using the LOA by attracting smaller things. Even that became hard for me initially. I asked for Ferrero Rocher chocolates because I really like them and at some point I had an intense craving for them. The area that I live in undergoes drastic winters so I knew that seeing a rose in the dead of winter would be an overreach. I trusted the Universe nevertheless. I knew that if I did not see it within a week’s time, I would move on from this dream and look ahead.The very next day, I got home from the gym and there was a vase of red roses with birthday balloons and a small bag of chocolates and a teddy bear lying at my doorstep! My roommate and I have birthdays on consecutive days and so her boyfriend, who is also my friend, had sent these out to both of us as a pre-birthday gift! And I bet you can guess it, there was a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates along with the gifts! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I asked for one rose and one chocolate and here was an entire bouquet of red roses and a whole box of my favourite chocolates, perfectly gift wrapped and beautifully delivered at my doorstep!!!!!!!

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