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Email 1

Subject: [First Name], practical steps to get the law of attraction working

[First Name],

Every moment of every day, the Law of Attraction is at work in everyone’s lives.

If you can see the correlation between what you think, feel and believe... and what you get, it is called deliberate creation.

Deliberate creation is the deliberate use of your thoughts and feelings to manifest things that you want in the physical world.

The art of deliberate creation is a skill that can be acquired through practice and repetition, just like any other skill that you may have learned before.

My friend, James Smith, has been doing it for quite some time and has produced a step-by-step system that is designed to take you from having a desire or idea in your head and work with you all the way through to experiencing the physical manifestation of your desire.

Where most products focus on theory and advice, James program, "The Manifestation Power", focuses closely on providing practical steps that you can take right away to start seeing more of what you want, and less of what you don't want.

You can read about James program here:

>> Affiliate Link Here

On that page you will find a clear definition of the manifestation process and what areas you need to focus on, as well as the story about how James discovered and created his system.


[Your Name]

PS. James is so serious about your success with his system that he will actually give up his own time to help you work through any problems you have with the program. You can read about his commitments to you on his website.

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Email 2

Subject: [First Name], have you not attracted what you want yet?

[First Name],

Would you be interested in learning the exact same methods that thousands of skilled creators use every day to deliberately design their day to day experiences?

If you're not already realizing the goals you've set yourself or if your income and relationships aren't how you would like them, then I strongly encourage you to review an eBook that I've just come across. It's called How to... The Manifestation Power.

The eBook was written in such a way that it shows you the step-by-step daily processes that you must go through to manifest your hearts desires. By completing these daily processes there's absolutely no way that you won't begin attracting your dream life!

These are the same daily processes used by thousands of other deliberate creators to make your dreams a reality!

So if you want to manifest the life you've always desired, the one you know you truly deserve to have... this is your chance.

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Make sure 2016 is the year that you finally "get it". To pick up your copy right now, visit the following link:

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[Your Name]


Email 3

Subject: [First Name], Let “The Secret” Work For You!

[First Name],

If you've watched "The Secret" movie, then you're probably aware that the Law of Attraction holds the power to give you anything you want.. with crystal-clear accuracy!

So, are you currently living the life of your dreams?
Are you seeing the money and income you want?
Are your relationships blissful and delightful?

If you've watched "The Secret" and have read most books about the Law of Attraction, and you still haven't attained your ideal life, why aren't you seeing the life of your dreams?

My friend, James Smith, has wrote a book on how to manifest miracles every single day of your life. His book takes you through the entire manifestation process and gives you 11 daily processes that you can use every day to manifest your hearts desires.

Figuring out what you want to manifest is the easy part, but getting into alignment with your desires is where the real work is. That's what The Manifestation Power focuses entirely upon... helping you get into alignment with your desires.

If you're serious about creating the life of your dreams and you want to make 2016 the year that you finally "get it", visit the link below to discover how the How to... Manifest a Miracle eBook can help you achieve your dreams.

Go now:

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To your success,

[Your Name]


Email 4

Subject: The Secret To Ancient Money And Power

Hi [First Name],

What if I told you the Law of Attraction has actually been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years?

In fact, it’s recently been discovered that the wealthiest and most powerful of our ancient ancestors have been using the Law of Attraction for millennia! This ancient art has been passed down for generations, but only to a select few. Many people who try to make it work for them fail and simply give up.

That all changes right now. I want to empower you with a modernized version of the same tool that the ancient one-percent used to build great empires, and become worthy enough to be written about in our history books.

-> Click here to watch the FREE Manifestation Power video
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This subliminal visualization video contains four powerful elements that “gently reprogram” your subconscious mind, allowing your thoughts, emotions and the energy you emit to effectively attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Learn how to remove all the blocks that are stopping you from having the financial success that you truly deserve by putting the secrets of the ancients to work for you…

-> Watch The Manifestation Power video before it gets taken down
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Take care,



Email 5

Subject: Get What You Want Out Of Life

Dear [NAME],

Have you ever wondered why it seems impossible to live the life you truly want?

It seems like when you finally start to get ahead, life knocks you down. Perhaps you lose your job, have a fallout in a relationship, or your health takes a downturn. Is life really meant to be such a struggle?

I have something fantastic to tell you: It is not only possible to get EVERYTHING you want, but you can start your life changing pivot, TODAY.

You have likely heard the phrases "mind over matter" or "believe and you shall achieve". These are more than just catchy punch lines or the words found on an inspirational poster. Your mind actually holds the secret to achieving what you truly want and desire in life.

The problem that many people have is being able to use their mind to physically manifest what they want. What if I told you that you could unlock the secrets of your mind and take control of your subconscious, just by watching a series of special videos?

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It may seem a bit farfetched, but these videos combine four proven subconscious altering techniques that can literally make the difference between success and failure.

I don't expect you to just take my word for it, which is why I recommend you click on the link below to watch a FREE video presentation that explains it all:

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Yours Truly,



Email 6

Subject: Secrets That Only The 1% Know

Hey [NAME],

Do you ever wonder what it truly takes to join the elite club of one-percenters? Maybe it's a wealthy family, a great job, or just a ton of hard work.

What if I told you that its NONE of that?

What if I told you that the power to succeed is actually hidden within your subconscious mind?

--> affiliate link

Revealed in this video is the same secret that only the elite, ruling class have been privy to for hundreds of years. Whether you are looking for financial success or life changing happiness, I highly recommend clicking on the link below before they take the video down:

--> affiliate link

Wishing you great success,



 If you have any questions, comments or want to claim your prize, please send to

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